2021 Furniture Trends

For a lot of people, 2021 is symbolizing new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate that theme than to get creative with your home’s aesthetic? 

Renew and refresh your surroundings by playing around with 2021 furniture trends that are sure to spark new life into your home decor and give a little more excitement to your everyday environment.

Reclaimed Wood

If you want to maintain a classic, modern-looking home but are still looking to add some personality to your furniture, try including touches of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood creates a harmonious bridge between old and new aesthetics, while also being eco-friendly. 

This type of wood is upcycled from pieces used in buildings that have been deconstructed. You can find unique pieces of furniture made out of salvaged wood in great condition, such as dining room tables, chairs, and desks.

Sculptural Furniture

Looking to create some drama in an otherwise minimal space? Try adding furniture in unconventional shapes, angles, and curves. 

Sculptural furniture combines function with art, and when thoughtfully placed, creates a stunning, trendy vibe for any design-forward individual. Start small with uniquely shaped chairs and lighting structures.

Woven Pieces

Furniture is more than just shape and function. 2021 is seeing a revival in the importance of texture, which means woven furniture is back. 

Woven materials such as rattan, bamboo, and cane can be integrated into shelves, dressers, chairs, and headboards for a rustic, charming style or a funky ’70s environment.

Vintage and Retro-Inspired Items

Speaking of the ’70s — vintage and retro-inspired furniture is more on trend than ever in 2021. 

Use a less-is-more approach and stick to a theme, like a ’50s diner kitchen or ’70s swanky living room. Add modern furniture with a retro-twist, such as a new velvet couch or a mid-century modern coffee table, and spice up your surroundings with special authentic vintage pieces, such as a swag lamp or formica dining table.

Comfortable and Stylish Office Chairs

Since many of us had to shift from working in an office building to working from home, we’ve all learned the importance of creating an office space that works for us in our house. Although things are opening back up across the country, your remote work life might not be coming to an end. 

This is why 2021 is seeing a lot of stylish, yet comfortable office chairs trending. Don’t resign yourself to boring computer chairs — choose a dark leather chair if your office setup is library-esque, or find a velvet-upholstered office chair for a more luxurious look.

Mix of Soft Textures

In 2020 we stayed home more than ever, which means we may have developed higher priorities when it comes to comfort. Adding softness and warmth to your household by layering textures such as cotton, linen, and knit on your couches and chairs will help keep your comfortable environment going strong in 2021.

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