A Wingback Chair Refinishing and Reupholstery in Seattle

Here’s a classic piece that just went through our shop as well. It’s a classic wingback chair from many decades ago. Our shop did a combination of Seattle chair refinishing and reupholstering to really give this piece of furniture the treatment. When it arrived it was definitely in need of an update in terms of fabric color and quality, while also requiring restoration on its exposed wood. The customer chose a luscious blue-grey velvet to go with the dark tones in the wood finish. The first stage of the work was to strip the piece down to its ‘naked frame’ so our finisher could start afresh and layer on the finish coat by coat. Our expert finisher has been practicing his craft for years and possesses an immense amount of knowledge regarding the process. Each piece that passes through the finishing shop receives the upmost attention, whether it’s matching a piece of furniture to its original color, or matching it to a specific sample chosen by the client.

Completed project of furniture restoration in seattle

Once the chair refinishing process was complete, our upholstery craftsmen began to ‘dress’ the chair back up to its former potential. Many hours of labor went into the cutting, sewing, and overall production of this wingback from our upholstery department. The channel back detailing along with the double welt on the frame of the chair were sewn and attached by hand in our workshop. Our family run company takes care in hiring only the most qualified and talented craftsman of the trade, along with training them to gain more advanced skills along the way such as applying a double welt trim. It always excites us to be able to display our handiwork, and we really enjoyed working on this classic chair.

Seattle furniture upholstery is displayeed here

Finished Seattle reupholstery workSeattle Chair Refinishing is done to exposed wood on this piece