Yardage Estimates

All estimated yardage requirements are based on a solid color 54” wide fabric that is free from defects. Yardage requirements are significantly affected by:

  • Size of the repeat
  • Print
  • Pattern

Please use the following chart as a guide in determining the amount of COM (Customer Own Material) yardage which will be required. This chart is provided as a guide and proves to be accurate for most Customer Own Material yardage requirements. If your fabric has an irregular layout or may require a different method of cutting, additional yardage may be required.

On the outside of the fabric package, please mark:

  • the buyer’s name (your name)
  • purchase order number
  • style number | color

Customer Own Material orders will not be scheduled for production until the fabric is received by the factory. Queen Anne Upholstery will use its best judgement in applying Customer Own Material fabric if specific application instructions are not included with the order.

Queen Anne Upholstery cannot be held responsible for any fabric defects, color variations or any other flaws in Customer Own Material fabrics. We suggest you inspect any fabrics before shipping them to our factory. Queen Anne Upholstery assumes no responsibility for the flame retardancy of fabrics, and the customer is solely responsible for making sure Customer Own Material fabrics comply with all regulations and applicable fire codes.