Preserving the Character of a Chair

A customer came to Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing hoping to preserve their chair as much as possible. The customer came to our furniture repair shop and explained that the chair had been in her family for several decades and it was left to her when her mother passed away. We let the customer know that we would preserve the chair and bring it back to originality as much as we could. The customer reluctantly left the chair and we reassured her that the chair would be safe in our care.

Chair Refinishing Project Begins

This Bellevue chair refinishing piece made the customer really happy - Queen AnneWe removed the fabric and the seating cushions from the chair, then we started repairing the springs in the seating area, then we added new foam to the seating area so sitting in it would be comfortable. The next step was gently hand sanding the legs and wood on the chair. This sanding is all done by hand. Then we applied the stain that would match the original color. We let the chair sit overnight, so it would be completely dry before we applied the finish to the chair. The following morning we added the finish to the chair. The wood finish was restored to its original state.

The seat was updated to a distressed leather with button tufting details. The back seat of the chair kept the same fabric as before, and the leather and original fabric came together and looked wonderful together. We were able to have the chair refinishing and furniture repairs done a day before we told the customer that the chair would be finished. We called her to let her know she could pick up her chair and she said she would come over immediately to look it over.

The customer arrived and was thrilled with the way her chair looked. She couldn’t get over how beautiful it looked and the original fabric that was left on the back of the seat really pleased her. This fabric reminded her of the long life of the chair and all the memories in her family that it held. The customer said the chair looked even better than she could have imagined. She thanked us for doing an amazing job.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing restores and preserves your treasured pieces. Call or email us for a quote regarding your next antique furniture restoration. We can bring life back to your prized antiques and heirloom furniture pieces.

Looking for Ballard Refinishers?

If you are searching for Ballard Refinishers or Furniture Spa of Seattle, look no further! Queen Anne Upholstery merged with both of these companies and is able to provide all of their services and more.

Pet-Friendly Fabrics for Reupholstery

One of the most asked question at our showroom is how to choose a fabric that is kid and/or pet friendly. At Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we provide our customers with different options that are available for different fabric lines. We have a great selection of fabrics available for reupholstery in Bellevue and Seattle. The top three main options that are kid and/or pet friendly which include Crypton, Nanotex, and Fabric Guard.

Fabric Options for Chair and Sofa Repair, or Reupholstery:

  • Crypton Home Fabrics are resistant to stains and odors, but is a soft and durable fabric. Customers can choose from an array of textures and colors with Crypton Home Fabric’s. The fabric is stain and spill resistant, and is easy to clean. The fabrics stay fresh due to the built in odor resistance. The fabric is processed in the United States and is a pet and kid friendly fabric.
  • Nanotex is a stain and spill resistant. The Nanotex Fabric is Eco-friendly and comes with an odor neutralizer. The fabric provides the cool comfort, as it balances body temperatures by wicking away at any moisture. To have the Nanotex finish applied will require an additional 3-4 weeks lead time.
  • Fabric Guardis a finish that our production facility would apply for an additional fee. Fabric Guard is a stain protector coating that replaced Scotchgard (an old solution), which was banned by the EPA in 2002. This finish is applied once your project is complete, so it can be applied on areas that wear easily such as the seating area and the arm area.

This fabric is great for any seattle reupholstery projectIf you would like the Nanotex or Fabric Guard process added to your project, you don’t have to worry about these processes changing the look, feel, or texture of your fabric. These applications will protect the fabric while adding life and keeping your fabrics safe and attractive for many, many years.

Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing provides professional upholstery, reupholstery, and chair refinishing in Bellevue and Seattle. In addition to upholstery, we can perform furniture repair or refinishing for any pieces before they are reupholstered. Our customers can select any of these fabrics that are kid and pet friendly, and when your upholstery project is completed you will have beautiful furniture without having to worry about stains from rough play or naughty pets. Call today to discuss these options in further detail, we’d be happy to answer all your questions.

New Pillows Make for Excellent Upholstery Project

A woman in Seattle wanted to revitalize her breakfast area by having some custom throw pillows made. One of her friends told her about the custom pillows that Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing created for her, so the woman contacted us, then came in to talk with us. The woman took some pictures of her breakfast area, so we could get an idea on what she was wanting done, and it didn’t take long for us to impress her. She went ahead with the Seattle upholstery project.

Seattle Upholstered Pillows by queen anne

Another shot of our awesome Seattle upholstery workThe Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing team showed the woman some of the work that we have done for our previous customers, which impressed the lady very much. Our knowledgeable staff showed her different custom fabrics and the lady fell in love with one. We measured the size of pillows that she wanted and when we had the pillows done for her we gave her a call and she immediately came to see the final product. The custom fabrics on the pillows are a top-notch material and the overall fi
nished pillows really added to the décor. The customer couldn’t be happier with her custom throw pillows that we created for her. The customer said that Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing in Seattle were the upholstery experts, because we exceeded her expectations and the custom throw pillows was exactly what she was wanting to revitalize her breakfast area. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing provides quality upholstery Seattle homeowners would be proud to have in their homes.

Queen Anne made this Seattle Upholstery customer happy
Another Successful Queen Anne Seattle Upholstery project

Some of Our Favorite Fabrics for Furniture Repair Projects

We have some beautiful unbooked samples from Pindler here at our Bellevue Furniture Reupholstery Showroom.  Whether you are looking for some fresh spring stripes, glammy animal prints, textured velvets, up and coming colorways, or just need inspiration—we have the fabrics at your finger tips!These would be perfect for antique furniture restoration in bellevue You can Use These for your next Bellevue Sofa Repair These leg styles are great for Bellevue Table Refinishing More Otions from a great Bellevue Furniture Repair Shop Chair Refinishing Options in Bellevue

Inspiring Colors for Queen Anne Upholstery!

Chair reupholstery in Bellevue has these fabrics available

Here are some of our favorite wools from Pollack and Maharam fabric companies!  Do you have a midcentury modern piece that has unique curves?  These are perfect for your next Bellevue chair refinishing project. We love using these fabrics on pieces where there is a unique form required to reupholster.  These colors will provide the pop of color and attention your special piece deserves in a room.  From egg chairs to womb chairs to Eames chairs—we have you covered.

Bellevue – Furniture Refinishing Expertise

Furniture Repair in Bellevue

Our company has been around since the 1930’s, passed down generation to generation. The amount of experience and knowledge gained through the years and passed down to the next family member about the craftsmanship of upholstery and refinishing is immense. We like to compare it to inheriting that box full of hand written recipe cards from a great grandmother, full of the secret ingredients that set it apart from the rest. We have inherited those secret ingredients in the art of upholstery and furniture refinishing in Bellevue. Our eyes have seen the most incredible pieces of furniture carried through our doors, ranging from uncovering intricately carved wood chair frames that have been hidden under upholstery since the early 1900s, to refurbishing an old trunk that once carried one’s entire possessions from Finland after World War II.Antique Furniture Restoration in Bellevue - CradleWe are excellent wood, table and Bellevue Chair refinsihers

Having said all of this, we were lucky enough to have aQueen anne Upholstery is an expert Furniture Repair Shop most cherished piece come into our hands recently, one in which we had not seen before. A customer called in to tell us he had an heirloom that was sitting in his family’s garage in Midwest; a rocking baby cradle with an intricate crank mechanism that was in utter disrepair and a missing handle. He was hoping to return it to its original functioning state so he sought out the experts at Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing to complete this dream of restoring it. We had it shipped from the Midwest, all the way to Seattle to be assessed by our experts.

This is not something we could order offline or walk into the local hardware store to find the missing part. We received the precious piece to our production shop and took some time studying the original vintage mechanism. The cradle rocking system had a spring mechanism that went from one end of the cradle to the other, and was not functional. We ended up restoring the old spring and reengineering the system. We re-tightened the whole mechanism, and used a weight in the cradle to simulate the weight of a baby. We made adjustments and technical refinements to follow and were able to return the cradle and crank to its original functioning state. We also re-created the missing handle that replicated what would have been used originally, stained to blend with the existing finish patina.

The frame and spindles were also loose and wobbly, in need of re-gluing and strengthening– another area of work we take pride in. All joints were re-glued and the entire stain finish was touched up to its former glory.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has a knack and a passion for working on items such as this one, where we need to step back a few generations into the shoes of the former craftsmen who created the furniture we are privileged to work on, to recreate and restore the beauty and quality of antique, vintage, or specialty one of a kind items.

antique furniture restoration for this cradle in Bellevue


Seattle’s Sofa Restoration Experts are Called on for Overhaul

Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery was contacted by a client in Seattle. The client needed the best Seattle sofa restoration available at his location. We scheduled the pickup of the piece at the client’s home after they selected upholstery fabrics for the in our showroom. Our professional upholsterer removed all the material from the sofa and did some work to improve the durability of the frame to maintain a sturdy and strong support for years to come. The upholsterer replaced the rather worn out seat springs in the sofa. He then replaced the foam cushioning, so he could apply the new fabric that the client selected.

After all of these intricate steps were completed by the upholsterer and the project was completed, it was apparent that the sofa looked brand new. We called the client to let him know that her sofa was completed and to schedule a time when we could bring the sofa back to her home. We arrived to drop off the finished item for the customer at her home and she was very impressed with the finished product. The customer said that the sofa looks even better than when he purchased it fifteen years ago. She said that Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery done the best sofa restoration in Seattle. The client must have been impressed, because he showed us an antique chair that had belonged to his mother. He was happy to find a qualified and professional furniture repair service, because he was very skeptical of trusting another company with a prized heirloom of deep sentimental value. We were happy to take on the next project, and always find it satisfying to deliver great results for our customers.

Furniture Repair in Seattle for Pair of Restored Chairs

A new Seattle Furniture Repair projectChair just before conducting reupholstery-seattle

When a project like this comes through our doors we often get quite excited about being able to work on such fine pieces because we know how much improvement can be made. Especially when performing Seattle furniture repair on an antiques that are as badly in need of restoration as these were, we become filled with anticipation to see the items in their finished and fully restored beauty. These 1800-1840s Regency English chairs came to us with horse hair and webbing falling out of the bottom and the original mohair barely intact. 

Blown chair bottom needs furniture repair in SeattleBefore and Seattle antique furniture restoration


This dining set has been handed down through several generations, and was finally brought to us for a complete overhaul. We were tasked with stripping the chairs completely and building them back up to appear new. The owners hoped to be able to continue the tradition of handing them down as functional pieces that would exude their rightful beauty and elegance. Our team stripped off the old materials and the fading finish. They proceeded to sand the around the detailing with extreme care to preserve the original woodworking while still allowing the application of a new finish to the frame. The chairs were upholstered with new foam and padding and covered with mohair that was matched for colors with the original set. We were most pleased with the matching nail head detailing atop the gimp, which we believe provided a sense of true authenticity to these regal English antiques. Embellishments like these might be challenging for some, but our decades of experience and excellent productions facilities allow us to execute fine detailing with ease. 

Close up of Seattle reupholstery work

Finished Seattle Chair refinishing project

A Wingback Chair Refinishing and Reupholstery in Seattle

Here’s a classic piece that just went through our shop as well. It’s a classic wingback chair from many decades ago. Our shop did a combination of Seattle chair refinishing and reupholstering to really give this piece of furniture the treatment. When it arrived it was definitely in need of an update in terms of fabric color and quality, while also requiring restoration on its exposed wood. The customer chose a luscious blue-grey velvet to go with the dark tones in the wood finish. The first stage of the work was to strip the piece down to its ‘naked frame’ so our finisher could start afresh and layer on the finish coat by coat. Our expert finisher has been practicing his craft for years and possesses an immense amount of knowledge regarding the process. Each piece that passes through the finishing shop receives the upmost attention, whether it’s matching a piece of furniture to its original color, or matching it to a specific sample chosen by the client.

Completed project of furniture restoration in seattle

Once the chair refinishing process was complete, our upholstery craftsmen began to ‘dress’ the chair back up to its former potential. Many hours of labor went into the cutting, sewing, and overall production of this wingback from our upholstery department. The channel back detailing along with the double welt on the frame of the chair were sewn and attached by hand in our workshop. Our family run company takes care in hiring only the most qualified and talented craftsman of the trade, along with training them to gain more advanced skills along the way such as applying a double welt trim. It always excites us to be able to display our handiwork, and we really enjoyed working on this classic chair.

Seattle furniture upholstery is displayeed here

Finished Seattle reupholstery workSeattle Chair Refinishing is done to exposed wood on this piece