Buying Antique Furniture: Seattle Shops to Check Out

woman in antique store

From rare vintage gems to beautifully restored pieces, you can find almost anything in antique shops — including the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Antique furniture can add a unique touch and distinctive flair to your home’s interior decor. Plus, you don’t often find many modern-day options built with the same durability as these older pieces. 

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Luckily, we have a plethora of options for vintage and antique shopping in Seattle. Here are the best places to buy antique furniture in Seattle.

Jacob Willard Home

Located in the Columbia City neighborhood of South Seattle, and in a new spot at Goose Magee’s Vintage Mall in Capitol Hill, Jacob Willard Home specializes in restoring unique, hand-selected antique furniture to its former glory with some modern flair. In addition to his furniture selections, don’t miss checking out Jacob Willard’s awesome record shop tucked away in the back of the Columbia City store.

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Ballard Consignment

If you’re looking to furnish your entire space, you can find everything you need with one stop at Ballard Consignment. The multiple-story antique furniture shop is chock-full of unique vintage finds. You’ll see everything from ’70s art deco dressers and midcentury modern velvet couches to minimalist coffee tables and some seriously quirky framed art.

Lander Street Vintage

You may know Lander Street Vintage by what occupied the space previously: Pacific Galleries. Just over a month after Seattle’s beloved Pacific Galleries antique mall closed its doors, Tom Gorz (owner of Epic Antique, another great Seattle spot) opened Lander Street Vintage in its place. 

Lander Street Vintage is carrying on Pacific Galleries’ legacy by featuring several vendors, all with their own personal styles and aesthetics, as well as Tom Gorz’s personal collection of mid-century modern pieces.

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Gracious House to Home

Gracious House to Home is an antique furniture shop in the University Village neighborhood, carefully curated to reflect owner Tracy Reimer’s sophisticated, feminine, and handcrafted tastes. With an eye for the small, meaningful details (like candlestick holders, bar carts, and holiday ornaments), her shop can help you truly transform your house into a home.

Phase Two Interiors

Another antique furniture gem in the historic Columbia City neighborhood is Phase Two Interiors. Located just off of the main downtown stretch of Rainier Avenue, Phase Two Interiors is an endlessly browsable place to peruse vintage wares and furniture. Self-categorized as “upscale consignment,” the quality and style of the pieces found at Phase Two is unmatched. 

Tip: If you’re lucky when you visit you’ll meet Scooter, the adorable little shop dog.

Fremont Vintage Mall

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t finish this list without mentioning the Fremont Vintage Mall. Loaded floor to ceiling with countless vintage artifacts, the Fremont Vintage Mall features numerous vendors that sell everything from comic books to antique furniture.

If you’re on the hunt for something wonderfully quirky and unique, Fremont Vintage Mall is the place to check out. They also sell wares from local independent artists, which makes it a great place to go when shopping this holiday season.

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