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Interior Decor Styles We Love: Baroque

Baroque refers to the interior design and architecture style popular in Europe during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Baroque style was an indicator of wealth and power. This is why it was so often found in gilded cathedrals, massive castles, theaters and estates. 

What Is Baroque Decor?

So, what does Baroque style look like? It includes elements such as intricately decorated interiors, bronze sculptures, gilded accents, detailed molding and paneling, and crystal chandeliers. Canopy bed frames, oversized mirrors and refined materials such as porcelain, lacquer and wood are all characteristics of Baroque interior decor.

Color-wise, we’re looking at lush greens, golds and wood accents. Alternately, if you’re leaning more toward the Rococo style that Baroque eventually evolved into, think pinks, creams and baby blues.

Furniture and wood often have carvings with ornamental details. For instance, you’ll find natural motifs like leaves, flowers, cherubs and animals in the molding of frames, mantles, staircases and dressers.

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How to Incorporate Baroque Decor

You may be wondering how to incorporate this style into your home without looking like you’re throwing a Marie Antoinette-themed party. For example, focus on comfort and warmth, and avoid turning your home into something that looks like a stuffy museum. 

Think about symmetry and elegance. Add just a few ultra-ornate pieces, such as an oversized mirror with a gilded frame or a gorgeous chandelier. Keep everything else neutral or mix these in with eclectic styles. 

Clawfoot Tub

A deep clawfoot tub with ornate brass feet is a great way to explore the luxury of the Baroque period without sacrificing comfort. The clawfoot detail can also seamlessly combine with other interior styles, such as bohemian or minimalist.

Gilded Mirror

In another example: add an oversized mirror with a gilded frame to a bedroom or living room. It’ll not only incorporate some Baroque style into your home but will also make the room look bigger.

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Archways and Ornate Sculptures


Likewise, this home also has a few elements of Baroque interior decor. Markedly, the rounded archway and ornate cherub sculpture coat rack bring the sophistication and elegance of Baroque to a contemporary dining area.

Crystal Chandeliers

Furthermore, the addition of a crystal chandelier in rooms like the library or an office space can smoothly bring Baroque interior decor into the modern world.

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Ornate Molding and Frames


The addition of one great piece of vintage furniture can really up your game. For instance, look for couches or bed frames with ornate molding. Additionally, curved wood fixtures and lush upholstery can add a little Baroque decor to your space.

Contact Queen Anne Upholstery Today to Achieve Your Baroque Decor Dreams

Is Baroque decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing today, and we’ll work with you to create a game plan for turning your home into a decadent foray into gorgeous Baroque decor.

In conclusion, our reupholstering, refinishing and custom design services can help turn your home from “blah” to modern decor inspiration. Talk with one of our custom interior decorators today. Or book an appointment to view what we have ready to purchase in our incredible showrooms.

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How to Care for Velvet Furniture

Chic mid-century modern luxury aesthetics living room with gray velvet couch and blue rug

Velvet furniture has long been used as an elegant accent to enhance any room. You likely have a Pinterest board (or four!) with different styles and colors saved for your future plans. 

Whether you’re lucky enough to already have gotten your hands on some, or you’re looking to add it to your space, you’re going to need to know how to care for velvet furniture. 

Is It Velvet?

Is your furniture velvet or suede? 

The two materials are commonly mistaken for each other, so it’s important to know which you have. You should make sure before attempting any sort of cleaning as suede requires much different care.

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Types of Velvet

There are four types of velvet:

  • Crushed velvet: Despite the name, the material isn’t actually crushed. Instead, “crushed” refers to how the velvet looks. 
  • Silk velvet: This is considered the highest quality of velvet. It’s luxurious to the touch and the softest of all velvet types. 
  • Velour: Velour is a dense velvet that’s typically found in clothing. It’s both durable and comfortable. 
  • Velveteen: A short-cut pile similar to velvet, velveteen achieves the same feeling of velvet with less body. 

Thrifted Velvet

You’ve likely noticed the resurgence of velvet furniture in recent styling trends, both new and not-so-new. From midcentury modern to bohemian interiors, you’re sure to find a plush velvet piece that fits your style.  

If you’re in the mood to do a bit of hunting, we know of a few fantastic Seattle antique shops where you can try your luck. 

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Velvet Durability

Some types of velvet are more durable than others. However, velvet remains quite a practical fabric for everyday living compared to other fabrics. 

Of course, there are some core variables you should consider. Don’t worry — we share what you need to know below.

Velvet vs. Pets

For plush pups and extra furry friends, synthetic velvet is a fantastic choice. Synthetic velvet is a more durable option and is typically pretreated to be stain-resistant and easy to clean. 

Velvet vs. Spills

Liquids, and tonics, and beverages — oh my! 

Luckily, spills are typically easy to treat with velvet furniture care. We get into a bit more detail below, but as long as your spill hasn’t dried, the cleanup is practically painless. 

Velvet vs. Kids

Slippy sippy cups and other child-sized disasters are a formidable foe. 

But we have good news! Similar to the spills mentioned above, cleanup from kid-created messes is easy. And as for cushion forts, you’re in the clear. 

Keep reading for more on general velvet furniture care and our velvet furniture care instructions. 

Velvet Furniture Care Tips

General Care for Velvet Furniture

With such an alluring fabric, you’re sure to notice signs of wear. Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Crushing: This happens when the fabric is compressed or “crushed” by everyday use. To slow down the inevitable, simply vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment or use a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Dents: Velvet is prone to dents. When caring for your velvet fabric, be sure not to leave anything too heavy resting on it for too long. Some pressure marks can be removed with light steam and brushing. 
  • Creases and wrinkles: You’ll start to notice this on high-use cushions or pillows. You can fluff and rotate regularly to avoid wearing them out too quickly. 
  • Color fading: This can be a bit trickier as the cause is simply light. Whether from the sun or an indoor bulb, velvet can be sensitive to light. It is best to place velvet furniture out of direct light. Or, if you’re blessed with loads of natural lighting, place a throw over the sun-exposed spots for a little added protection.

Velvet Furniture Care Instructions

Accidents happen. Be ready with this quick list of velvet furniture care instructions:

  1. Know your material: As we briefly mentioned, there are several types of velvet, from the delicate crème de la crème silk velvet to the more durable and dense velour. Make sure you are being gentle enough depending on your type of velvet furniture. 
  2. No rubbing: Friction can damage the pile and the overall appearance of your velvet furniture. It’s important to blot or dab any spill that may occur with a dry cloth. To prevent any markings from the spill, use a hairdryer at a safe distance on cool until no longer damp. Finish by brushing the now dry area to prevent matting or napping. 
  3. Consider using cleaners: If all else fails, you can always turn to a cleaner or solvent. However, you’ll want to test on a discreet area of the furniture first in the event that things do not go as planned. 

We’re Here for You

Velvet or not, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing new furniture for your home. Lucky for you, we have our guide to purchasing furniture. Now you may be wondering, is my furniture worth refinishing? You’ve got a few options to consider. 

Restoring Velvet

Check out another one of our blogs for ideas on how to give new life to an old couch. 

Reupholstering Velvet

Reupholstery is another option. Visit our site to get an estimate

If reupholstery doesn’t sound like the right choice for your velvet furniture care, it might be time for an upgrade altogether. We discuss parting with your well-loved furniture in another blog about how long your furniture should last. 

Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing Today!

If any of this feels a bit beyond you, don’t worry — you can always call on a professional. Here at Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we just might know someone who’s perfect for the job. We offer custom restoration for your specific furniture needs. 

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Interior Decor Styles We Love: Shabby Chic

bedside table in shabby chic style with a vase of flowers

With so many options for interior design, decorating and furnishing your home can be overwhelming. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to help inspire you to find your perfect decor style. 

Whether you’re feeling bohemian, minimalist, or somewhere in between, this series will help you find something you love and learn a little more about your chosen design style.

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What Is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is often misunderstood as intentionally decorating with old, worn furniture and thrift store accents. But shabby chic does not have to mean sloppy, tired, and falling apart. 

While incorporating antique furniture and thoughtful vintage finds should be an element of your shabby chic decor, this style is more about natural materials, intentionally distressed surfaces, and rustic finishes. 

Shabby chic decor incorporates pale and pastel colors with accents of natural wood. It can look sophisticated, warm, and welcoming with just a few deliberate style choices.

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Pale Color Palette

Shabby chic decor keeps things light and airy with a pastel color palette. Creamy hues of white, pink, blue, gray, and purple instill a sweet, nostalgic, and comforting feeling in a home with shabby chic decor. Sticking to one color palette — for example, all ivory with a pop of light pink — can help keep your decor cohesive and classic as opposed to kitschy and cluttered.

Vintage Furniture

Purchasing vintage furniture is not only a great sustainable choice, but you’ll end up with something completely unique that melds perfectly into your shabby chic decor. Vintage furniture pieces, rustic knick knacks, and other antique pieces can really give your home the one-of-a-kind personality and nostalgic charm that shabby chic calls for. 

Tip: If you’ve found a great piece of vintage furniture that needs a bit of work, contact Queen Anne Upholstery today. Our restoration, refinishing, and repair services can add new life to any classic piece.

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Distressed Natural Finishes

Use aged painting or other distressing techniques to cover salvaged furniture and include natural elements such as wood, wicker, or bamboo when decorating your home in a shabby chic style. This decor style focuses a lot on a repurposed and distressed look to achieve its romance and charm. But don’t sacrifice quality. Your furniture should still be durable and functioning. 

Tip: Contact Queen Anne Upholstery if you have pieces that need to be refinished or repaired with a shabby chic look in mind.

Feminine Details

Floral patterns, lace details, chenille fabrics, carved headboards, and chandeliers give a soft and feminine touch to a shabby chic home. Altogether, you should incorporate these touches in order to infuse a delicate feel to your shabby chic decor.

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Contact Queen Anne Upholstery Today to Achieve Your Interior Decor Dreams

Is shabby chic decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing today and we’ll work with you to create a game plan for turning your home into a soft, comforting, shabby chic haven. 

Our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom design services can help turn your home from “blah” to modern decor inspiration. Talk with one of our custom interior decorators or book an appointment to view what we have ready to purchase in our incredible showrooms.

Not sure if shabby chic decor is your favorite look? Check out these other interior decor styles: 

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Guide to Armchair Styles

cat sitting on yellow armchair

If you’re furnishing your home, you know that choosing pieces beyond the main dining room table and couch can be tricky. You need quality pieces that offer style, comfort, and functionality. 

Armchairs are one piece of accent furniture that works well in almost any room, as long as you find the right one for your particular interior decor style and intended use. 

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Read our guide to armchair styles to get a better idea of what type of armchair would be the best addition to your home.

What Is an Armchair?

Armchairs are a type of accent chair that is used in the home. The difference between a normal chair and an armchair is right in the name. Armchairs have side panel sections that form a structure to support your arms as you sit. 

An armchair can be a wonderful addition to the living room area next to a longer couch for extra seating, as well as in the bedroom for a seating option other than the bed. 

Armchair Considerations

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the perfect armchair for your home.


As much as a huge armchair might sound comfortable, you don’t want to overwhelm the rest of your furniture. Consider more compact designs and styles if you’re in a small space. 

You’ll also want to ensure that the seat itself is the right height. Make sure your feet can touch the ground and your knees aren’t bunched up or dangling off of the armchair seat.


Are you adding armchairs to your home in order to accommodate guests? A couple of well-placed, comfortable-looking armchairs next to a couch in a living area can take your hosting to the next level.

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If you’re planning on sitting on a piece of furniture, you’re going to want that piece of furniture to be comfortable. Make sure your armchair seat is thick with nice padding, and deep enough to sit but easy enough to get into and out of.


You need your armchair to have some support so that you won’t feel aches and pains after sitting in it for a long period of time. 

An extremely low-backed armchair won’t be a great match for someone with a bad back. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your armchair, save yourself the pain and choose one with a high, supportive, and cushioned back.


For a long-lasting armchair, look for one with a sturdy and durable framework. The upholstery should also be made out of quality materials so that your armchair will look great and work well for years to come. 

Tip: Don’t fret if your armchair shows some wear and tear as time goes by. Queen Anne Upholstery can make your chair as good as new with our celebrated restoration, refinishing, and reupholstering services

Types of Armchair Styles

Are all armchairs the same? Besides their connecting factor of having arm rests, armchairs come in a wide variety of styles.

Traditional Armchairs

Traditional armchairs are comfortable, cushioned chairs with a rectangular high back and two side panels to rest your arms. The base of the chair is connected to four legs for support, and the back is sometimes smooth or tufted.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs make a bold statement with their dramatic side panels that extend from the back of the chair, similar to wings. 

These chairs were originally placed next to fireplaces and the wings were added to protect the individual from drafts. Nowadays, you can find this armchair style in modern or classically designed homes — fireplace or not. 

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Club Chairs

One of the most comfortable types of armchairs on our list is the club chair. Spaciously designed with rounded edges and plush padding, the club chair is a perfect addition to any modern living room. A common upholstered material for the club chair is leather.

Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs are similar to club chairs in that they offer spacious, rounded construction and provide maximum comfort. However, instead of separate panels for the armrests, barrel chairs are crafted in one large piece, with the armrests a continuation of the solid rounded back. 

Additionally, modern versions of the barrel chair are supported by a swivel platform instead of a four-leg base.

Womb Chairs

With its indented arm rests, rounded back, and removable cushions, the womb chair is designed to gently envelope its occupants in comfort, much like its namesake. Designed in 1946, these chairs look great in a midcentury modern home, next to a bedroom vanity or shelf full of books.

Chesterfield Chairs

Consider the Chesterfield if you’re looking for a regal, sophisticated armchair that doesn’t skimp on comfort. These wide armchairs are usually upholstered in leather, with a deep seat and button-tufted back connected to rolled armrests of the same height.

Recliner Chairs

One of the most common armchairs that you might find in the average American household is the recliner. 

A recliner chair is an upholstered armchair, typically in the traditional armchair style, with a side lever or button that tilts the chair back and simultaneously pushes a footrest forward. Recliners are excellent additions to a cozy living room or den space.

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Contact Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing Today!

Do you need assistance picking out the best armchair style for your home? Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing has been helping people with all of their upholstered furniture, restoration and repair, and custom furniture needs since 1936. 

For more information or to move forward with your unique armchair project, request an estimate today!

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Buying Antique Furniture: Seattle Shops to Check Out

woman in antique store

From rare vintage gems to beautifully restored pieces, you can find almost anything in antique shops — including the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Antique furniture can add a unique touch and distinctive flair to your home’s interior decor. Plus, you don’t often find many modern-day options built with the same durability as these older pieces. 

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Luckily, we have a plethora of options for vintage and antique shopping in Seattle. Here are the best places to buy antique furniture in Seattle.

Jacob Willard Home

Located in the Columbia City neighborhood of South Seattle, and in a new spot at Goose Magee’s Vintage Mall in Capitol Hill, Jacob Willard Home specializes in restoring unique, hand-selected antique furniture to its former glory with some modern flair. In addition to his furniture selections, don’t miss checking out Jacob Willard’s awesome record shop tucked away in the back of the Columbia City store.

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Ballard Consignment

If you’re looking to furnish your entire space, you can find everything you need with one stop at Ballard Consignment. The multiple-story antique furniture shop is chock-full of unique vintage finds. You’ll see everything from ’70s art deco dressers and midcentury modern velvet couches to minimalist coffee tables and some seriously quirky framed art.

Lander Street Vintage

You may know Lander Street Vintage by what occupied the space previously: Pacific Galleries. Just over a month after Seattle’s beloved Pacific Galleries antique mall closed its doors, Tom Gorz (owner of Epic Antique, another great Seattle spot) opened Lander Street Vintage in its place. 

Lander Street Vintage is carrying on Pacific Galleries’ legacy by featuring several vendors, all with their own personal styles and aesthetics, as well as Tom Gorz’s personal collection of mid-century modern pieces.

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Gracious House to Home

Gracious House to Home is an antique furniture shop in the University Village neighborhood, carefully curated to reflect owner Tracy Reimer’s sophisticated, feminine, and handcrafted tastes. With an eye for the small, meaningful details (like candlestick holders, bar carts, and holiday ornaments), her shop can help you truly transform your house into a home.

Phase Two Interiors

Another antique furniture gem in the historic Columbia City neighborhood is Phase Two Interiors. Located just off of the main downtown stretch of Rainier Avenue, Phase Two Interiors is an endlessly browsable place to peruse vintage wares and furniture. Self-categorized as “upscale consignment,” the quality and style of the pieces found at Phase Two is unmatched. 

Tip: If you’re lucky when you visit you’ll meet Scooter, the adorable little shop dog.

Fremont Vintage Mall

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t finish this list without mentioning the Fremont Vintage Mall. Loaded floor to ceiling with countless vintage artifacts, the Fremont Vintage Mall features numerous vendors that sell everything from comic books to antique furniture.

If you’re on the hunt for something wonderfully quirky and unique, Fremont Vintage Mall is the place to check out. They also sell wares from local independent artists, which makes it a great place to go when shopping this holiday season.

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Contact Queen Anne Upholstery Today!

Are you looking to add some antique furniture to your interior decor? With furniture restoration and repair services like those from Queen Anne Upholstery, upgrading an antique table, chair, hutch, or other piece of furniture is easy and rewarding. 

Contact us today to see why we’ve been the top choice for upholstery, repair, and custom furniture options since 1936.

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Complete Guide to Dining Chair Styles for Your Home

white chairs around a dining room table

While the table tends to be the centerpiece in any dining room, the type of dining chair you choose is just as important. Switching up your dining chairs is a great way to refresh any room that needs a new look, and upgrading your dining chairs for a new home will help you host get-togethers with style, comfort, and ease. But with so many dining chair styles out there, how do you choose?

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Here’s our guide on how to choose the right dining chair styles and sizes for your home.

Dining Chair Styles

Traditional Wood Dining Chairs

Traditional styles of dining chairs can include ladder back, cross back, Bentwood, or Windsor, among others. These are perhaps the most common choices for dining chairs and are typically made out of wood with different back slat configurations. 

Ladder Back and Cross Back Dining Chairs

Ladder and cross back dining chairs have wooden slats that are either stacked horizontally similar to ladder rungs, or crossed at the middle in an “X” configuration.

Bentwood Chairs

Bentwood chairs have a back made of wooden rods bent and curved into a particular shape using steam heat.

Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs are stool seats (often with a shallow dish carved out for comfort) with the chair back consisting of multiple thin spindles pushed into predrilled holes and straight legs that splay outward slightly. 

You may be able to find any of these traditional wood dining chairs with upholstered seats, which would help to make them more comfortable for prolonged seating. 

Classic Formal Dining Chairs

Classic formal styles of chairs — such as slipcovered chairs, Parsons chairs, wingback chairs, and Queen Anne-style chairs — can be perfect for a dining room used for holidays and special events. 

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Slipcovered Dining Chairs

Slipcovered chairs can add sophistication to any dining room. Chairs with a fitted upholstered cover in materials such as linen can be great accent chairs for a classic formal dining room table.

Parsons Dining Chairs

Parsons chairs are fully upholstered chairs with no armrests and a very high back. You can customize the upholstery of Parsons chairs to fit with your unique style by choosing the color and material. Velvet, leather, and linen are popular choices. 

Wingback Dining Chairs

Similar in style to Parsons chairs, wingback chairs create a unique silhouette with “wings” along the sides of the chair and are usually completely upholstered. Pairing wingback chairs at the head and foot of the table with Parsons chairs at the sides would create a great dining table setup.

Queen Anne-Style Dining Chairs

Are you looking for something a bit more ornate? 

Queen Anne-style chairs are stained cherry wood chairs with beautiful, handcrafted details. The hand-carved chair backs and armrests include a detailed cresting top rail, or are sometimes fully upholstered with lush fabrics. Furthermore, Queen Anne-style chairs typically have an upholstered seat that you can customize to match the rest of your dining room.

Modern Dining Chairs

If your home has a more minimalist or modern aesthetic, modern dining chairs may be a better option. Styles include slope chairs, cantilever chairs, and plastic-molded chairs.

Slope Dining Chairs

Slope dining chairs have a simple, elegant silhouette, with the chair back and seat made out of one continuous curved panel. These chairs are usually upholstered in faux or real leather, making them easy to clean as well as very stylish and modern.

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Cantilever Dining Chairs

Cantilever dining chairs gained popularity in the 1970s. Their unique design with the upholstered seat balancing on a base without back legs makes them comfortable and stylish.

Plastic Molded Dining Chairs

Plastic molded dining chairs give off a funky, retro-inspired look with their bucket seats and curved backs. These dining chairs are also lightweight and easy to clean. This is an additional advantage for homes with children or pets.

Dining Chair Sizes

Whatever style of chair you go for, you need to make sure the seats will fit well within your dining room and under your dining room table. Additionally, after you take precise measurements, make sure you leave enough space for the arms and legs of each individual who will be seated. You want everyone to be comfortable sitting around your dining room table.

An easy-to-remember rule of thumb is to leave 10 inches of space between the seat and the dining table, and two feet of table width space for each guest to have before them at your table. To avoid a crowded room without space to leave the table, ensure each guest has two feet of empty space behind them at your table while they are sitting.

The size of your chairs also depends on how many guests you regularly entertain. For instance, if you usually have big dinner parties, choosing a slimmer and less bulky chair may help you fit more people at your table. This will allow for more room while they are seated. 

Tip: The average dining chair is between 16 and 20 inches wide, and you should have about 6 inches between each chair. As a result, each chair should take up approximately 28 to 36 inches of space along the sides of your table.

Don’t forget table height! Equally important is to make sure that you choose a chair with a compatible height to your dining room table. This will help avoid awkward levels between your guests and their meal or drinks.

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Contact Queen Anne Upholstery Today!

Need some more assistance in choosing your perfect dining chair styles? Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing has been helping people with all of their upholstered furniture, restoration and repair, and custom furniture needs since 1936. 

For more information or to move forward with your dining chair project, request an estimate today!

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Interior Decor Styles We Love: Modern

a modern decorated dining room

With so many options for interior design, decorating and furnishing your home can be overwhelming. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to help inspire you to find your perfect decor style. 

Whether you’re feeling bohemian, minimalist, or somewhere in between, this series will help you find something you love and learn a little more about your chosen design style.

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What Is Modern Design?

Modern decor is a sleek, uncluttered design style that picked up around the 1930s. Rooted in clean lines and taking inspiration from the industrial boom and growing urban atmosphere, modern design moves away from traditional building materials such as wood and brick, and toward steel, glass, and concrete. 

Modern design has many off-shoots, including minimalism, Scandinavian, industrial, mid-century modern, and arts and crafts decor.

If you’re looking to embrace modern design, the big thing to remember is that form should always combine with function. Check out these examples of marvelous modern spaces and find inspiration for your sleek and sophisticated home.

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Pops of Bright Color


Add blocks of bright color to contrast with your neutral background to brighten up your modern space and make a statement.

Clean Lines

Modern design favors clean lines, and this vertical backboard and headboard paneling not only emphasizes the space, but adds some sophistication as well.

Large Windows

A great modernist setup doesn’t need blinds or curtains. Ensure that your rooms have large windows with little to no window treatments to allow in natural light (and show off your view!).

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Modern Art & Sculpture

Modern decor loves to feature bold art and sculpture in abstract designs and unexpected forms. Check out this wavy lamp that combines modern, surrealist design with functionality.

Design Meets Function

Decorative pieces in a modern decorated home are never purely for looks. This lamp fixture has a funky, industrial design to it, but does its job at lighting up the room.

Large Open Floor Plans

A modern home embraces wide open spaces, with open floor concepts that merge one room with the next. Think airy and comfortable.

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Furniture With Exposed Legs

If you’re choosing modern decor and furniture, pick something that doesn’t shy away from exposing how it’s made. Chairs and tables with exposed legs and shelving with showcased hardware are perfect for furnishing your modern living room.

Black, Gray, and White Walls

Black, gray, and white walls work perfectly as a clean backdrop for modern design, letting the space speak for itself.

Is modern decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing today and we’ll work with you to create a game plan for turning your home into a modern oasis. Our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom design services can help turn your home from “blah” to modern decor inspiration. Talk with one of our custom interior decorators or book an appointment to view what we have ready to purchase in our incredible showrooms.

Not sure if modern decor is your favorite look? Check out these other interior decor styles: 

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How Long Should Furniture Last? How to Tell When It’s Time for an Upgrade

broken ratty looking blue chair in front of garage

Even though your furniture might not come with a “best by” date, a time comes when you need to say goodbye to that old couch or that rickety dining room chair and consider an upgrade to your everyday home furniture. 

Depending on what type of furniture you own, what it’s made of, and how often it is used, your furniture may need to be replaced sooner than you think.

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Couches and sofas tend to need to be replaced every seven to 15 years. If you’re experiencing jutting springs, a sinking feeling, creaking noises, general discomfort or viewable wear and tear like fraying material or scuffed legs, you might want to consider replacing your couch. 

This also holds true if your couch could use an update aesthetically, or is no longer cohesive with the rest of your furniture.

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Similar to the lifespan for couches, a recliner will probably need to be replaced after between seven and 15 years. If the hardware on the inside breaks and your recliner is stuck in the reclined position, or no longer reclines, you’ll need to replace the piece earlier.

Dining Room Table

Luckily, dining room tables don’t need to be replaced as often as a mattress, recliner, or couch — probably because they lack upholstery. Tables can last many years as long as the surface is properly taken care of. 

To prevent average wear and tear such as dents, scratches, or burn marks, you should use tablecloths and placemats and regularly clean the surface area.

Dining Room Chairs

Unless upholstered, you might only need to replace your dining room chairs if the legs become wobbly and further tightening of the screws or leg replacement won’t fix the issue. If your dining room chairs include upholstered seats and they become damaged with holes, fraying, or stains, you can replace them — or think about reupholstering with a new material to give your chairs more life

Another sign that it may be time to replace your chairs is if you need a whole new dining room set to accommodate a larger, or smaller, space.

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Coffee Table

Coffee tables, like dining room tables, have a wide range for their expiration date. Depending on the amount of use your coffee table gets, it can last anywhere from five to 20 years. Consider replacing your coffee table if you notice unstable legs, discoloration, or an outdated look.


Signs that your dresser or armoire needs to be replaced include stubborn drawer mechanisms (the drawers get stuck or constantly slide off their rails), wobbly legs, and loose drawer pulls. 

Because of the weight and height of many dressers, once a dresser becomes unstable it also becomes a dangerous accident waiting to happen. 

Dressers should last anywhere between five and 15 years, but replacing your dresser at the first sign of damage, especially if you live in a house with children, is the safest thing to do.

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Restoration at Queen Anne Upholstery

If you don’t think your furniture is quite on its last legs yet, you might just need to find somewhere for repair or restoration. The experienced team at Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing offers restoration and refinishing services that aim to extend the life and restore the structural integrity of your pieces. 

Queen Anne Upholstery can also connect you with our designers and builders to custom-create any piece of furniture to meet your specific needs. 

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Let’s bring your vision to life — contact us today to request an estimate and schedule a consultation!

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2021 Furniture Trends

For a lot of people, 2021 is symbolizing new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate that theme than to get creative with your home’s aesthetic? 

Renew and refresh your surroundings by playing around with 2021 furniture trends that are sure to spark new life into your home decor and give a little more excitement to your everyday environment.

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Reclaimed Wood

If you want to maintain a classic, modern-looking home but are still looking to add some personality to your furniture, try including touches of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood creates a harmonious bridge between old and new aesthetics, while also being eco-friendly. 

This type of wood is upcycled from pieces used in buildings that have been deconstructed. You can find unique pieces of furniture made out of salvaged wood in great condition, such as dining room tables, chairs, and desks.

Sculptural Furniture

Looking to create some drama in an otherwise minimal space? Try adding furniture in unconventional shapes, angles, and curves. 

Sculptural furniture combines function with art, and when thoughtfully placed, creates a stunning, trendy vibe for any design-forward individual. Start small with uniquely shaped chairs and lighting structures.

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Woven Pieces

Furniture is more than just shape and function. 2021 is seeing a revival in the importance of texture, which means woven furniture is back. 

Woven materials such as rattan, bamboo, and cane can be integrated into shelves, dressers, chairs, and headboards for a rustic, charming style or a funky ’70s environment.

Vintage and Retro-Inspired Items

Speaking of the ’70s — vintage and retro-inspired furniture is more on trend than ever in 2021. 

Use a less-is-more approach and stick to a theme, like a ’50s diner kitchen or ’70s swanky living room. Add modern furniture with a retro-twist, such as a new velvet couch or a mid-century modern coffee table, and spice up your surroundings with special authentic vintage pieces, such as a swag lamp or formica dining table.

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Comfortable and Stylish Office Chairs

Since many of us had to shift from working in an office building to working from home, we’ve all learned the importance of creating an office space that works for us in our house. Although things are opening back up across the country, your remote work life might not be coming to an end. 

This is why 2021 is seeing a lot of stylish, yet comfortable office chairs trending. Don’t resign yourself to boring computer chairs — choose a dark leather chair if your office setup is library-esque, or find a velvet-upholstered office chair for a more luxurious look.

Mix of Soft Textures

In 2020 we stayed home more than ever, which means we may have developed higher priorities when it comes to comfort. Adding softness and warmth to your household by layering textures such as cotton, linen, and knit on your couches and chairs will help keep your comfortable environment going strong in 2021.

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Contact Queen Anne Upholstery Today!

If you’re looking for help achieving your ideal interior aesthetic for 2021, we’ve got your back. Queen Anne Upholstery has years of experience in furniture restoration, upholstery, custom furniture products, and refinishing, and can help you incorporate some of these 2021 furniture trends in your home. 

For those who can’t make the trip to see us, we can now come to you! Our mobile design center can meet you on site with numerous samples and endless inspiration to help you create your perfect space.
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Our Top Leather Furniture Restoration Tips and Tricks

Nothing warms up a space like a quality leather furniture piece. Leather furniture looks great and can last for decades. 

Because leather is a natural material, it does require a bit more TLC than other materials. But, leather furniture is easier to clean and more durable than its fabric counterparts. 

You can use leather furniture restoration and leather furniture cleaning techniques to keep your furniture looking great. 

Use a Leather Furniture Cleaning Solution

Just like any other household furniture, you should clean leather regularly. There are many DIY leather cleaning solutions, but the best solution is to purchase a leather-specific cleaning compound. 

When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, a little goes a long way. Follow the directions on the leather cleaning solution for how much you should use. Then, use a soft rag to clean the leather in a circular motion.

After you’ve cleaned the leather, use another clean rag to wipe away the solution. Let it dry, and then move on to conditioning the leather. 

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Moisturize Leather Regularly 

Leather is a lot like your skin. Cleaning dries it out, and you have to moisturize it. Moisturizing leather helps to protect the exterior from cracks and minimizes the appearance of scratches. 

A leather-specific conditioner is the best option. A little bit goes a long way, so you can invest in quality. To moisturize the leather, put a small amount of conditioner on a clean rag and apply it in circular motions. 

Leather conditioner can make leather appear darker than it was, so test a small area first.

You can use a leather conditioner to improve fading. But if your leather’s color has faded more than the conditioner can repair, then you’ll want to move onto the polish.

Restore Fading With Polish

Faded leather is a common side effect of sun exposure and time. If one area of the furniture is more exposed to sunlight, it might start to look lighter than the rest. 

Thankfully, leather polish dye works well to restore leather to its original coloring. Before beginning, follow the steps for cleaning leather furniture.

Once you have a clean area, test the polish on a small portion of the leather. You want to make sure the polish matches the leather’s original dye. 

Once you ensure it matches, use the same circular motions you would use when conditioning the leather. Use the polish on the entire furniture piece to restore the color. 

Embrace Leather’s Natural Patina 

One of the most appealing aspects of leather is the way it ages. Leather furniture breaks in, not down. 

The more you do your part to care for the leather, the better it will look with age. Not only will it continue to look good, but it will also grow to be even more comfortable and maintain its value.

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See a Pro for Leather Furniture Restoration 

Accidents happen, and you can’t protect leather furniture from everything. If leather furniture gets a hole or snag in it, a professional leather furniture restoration shop can repair it.

You’re better off going to someone who specializes in leather and upholstery. Avoid DIY leather hole repair techniques or dry cleaners because you risk making it look worse than before. 

Leather Refinishing & Repair Experts

If you have a piece of leather furniture that needs repairs or refinishing, we can help! From marine upholstery to kitchen cabinets, Queen Anne Upholstery can assist with all of your home refinishing and repair projects. 

We’re also experts in leather furniture restoration and leather furniture cleaning. Contact us to get an estimate.