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We are proud to be the premier Seattle furniture refinishing service. Here at Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing it is considered an honor to be able to provide our services, whether it be antique furniture restoration or design. We take great care in what we do, and have done so since we first began working at the top of Queen Anne Hill in 1936. Our production facility is ran by a talented and dedicated staff who have decades of experience bringing new life to quality pieces of furniture and antiques. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle the eclectic requests we receive daily, so please visit our Seattle showroom to discuss your aspirations and ambitions today.

Upholstery, Furniture Repair, and Refinishing Services Offered in Seattle:

  • Drapery
  • Marine Upholstery
  • Design
  • Upholstery
  • Refinishing
  • Antique Furniture Restoration
  • Custom Paint Finishes

We are happy to arrange for transportation of your items and would be glad to discuss the great care we take when handling our clients’ belongings. Call us today to find out more.

Seattle, WashingtonSeattle is serviced in all of its furniture needs including tabel and chair restoration thanks to Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has been a part of Seattle for 80 years. In that time we’ve seen a lot of changes, and made some ourselves. Several generations have witnessed the boom-and-bust cycle the Queen City  experienced in its early days, but we wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to put down our roots.

Though there’s certainly a large presence from Boeing and the Tech sector, there’s a lot more to this town than one can glean from the business headlines. Seattle’s coffee scene, for example, is simply off the charts! Though there may be one very large producer of America’s coffee based in our fair city, there are also a vast number of local roasters and highly skilled barista brewing thousands of delicious and interesting cups of coffee for people to enjoy every day.

Witnessing the development of this cultural forefront (and many others) has been quite the treat for us, but it also helps us remember our own purpose. Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing, like many Seattle upstarts and hardworking craftsman, believe in quality and in the duty we have to use our tools and materials in a manner that ends only in the most excellent results that we are capable of producing.

Seattle’s Sofa Restoration Experts are Called on for Overhaul

Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery was contacted by a client in Seattle. The client needed the best Seattle sofa restoration available at his location. We scheduled the pickup of the piece at the client’s home after they selected upholstery fabrics for the in our showroom. Our professional upholsterer removed all the material from the sofa and did some work to improve the durability of the frame to maintain a sturdy and strong support for years to come. The upholsterer replaced the rather worn out seat springs in the sofa. He then replaced the foam cushioning, so he could apply the new fabric that the client selected.

After all of these intricate steps were completed by the upholsterer and the project was completed, it was apparent that the sofa looked brand new. We called the client to let him know that her sofa was completed and to schedule a time when we could bring the sofa back to her home. We arrived to drop off the finished item for the customer at her home and she was very impressed with the finished product. The customer said that the sofa looks even better than when he purchased it fifteen years ago. She said that Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery done the best sofa restoration in Seattle. The client must have been impressed, because he showed us an antique chair that had belonged to his mother. He was happy to find a qualified and professional furniture repair service, because he was very skeptical of trusting another company with a prized heirloom of deep sentimental value. We were happy to take on the next project, and always find it satisfying to deliver great results for our customers.

Furniture Repair in Seattle for Pair of Restored Chairs

A new Seattle Furniture Repair projectChair just before conducting reupholstery-seattle

When a project like this comes through our doors we often get quite excited about being able to work on such fine pieces because we know how much improvement can be made. Especially when performing Seattle furniture repair on an antiques that are as badly in need of restoration as these were, we become filled with anticipation to see the items in their finished and fully restored beauty. These 1800-1840s Regency English chairs came to us with horse hair and webbing falling out of the bottom and the original mohair barely intact. 

Blown chair bottom needs furniture repair in SeattleBefore and Seattle antique furniture restoration


This dining set has been handed down through several generations, and was finally brought to us for a complete overhaul. We were tasked with stripping the chairs completely and building them back up to appear new. The owners hoped to be able to continue the tradition of handing them down as functional pieces that would exude their rightful beauty and elegance. Our team stripped off the old materials and the fading finish. They proceeded to sand the around the detailing with extreme care to preserve the original woodworking while still allowing the application of a new finish to the frame. The chairs were upholstered with new foam and padding and covered with mohair that was matched for colors with the original set. We were most pleased with the matching nail head detailing atop the gimp, which we believe provided a sense of true authenticity to these regal English antiques. Embellishments like these might be challenging for some, but our decades of experience and excellent productions facilities allow us to execute fine detailing with ease. 

Close up of Seattle reupholstery work

Finished Seattle Chair refinishing project

A Wingback Chair Refinishing and Reupholstery in Seattle

Here’s a classic piece that just went through our shop as well. It’s a classic wingback chair from many decades ago. Our shop did a combination of Seattle chair refinishing and reupholstering to really give this piece of furniture the treatment. When it arrived it was definitely in need of an update in terms of fabric color and quality, while also requiring restoration on its exposed wood. The customer chose a luscious blue-grey velvet to go with the dark tones in the wood finish. The first stage of the work was to strip the piece down to its ‘naked frame’ so our finisher could start afresh and layer on the finish coat by coat. Our expert finisher has been practicing his craft for years and possesses an immense amount of knowledge regarding the process. Each piece that passes through the finishing shop receives the upmost attention, whether it’s matching a piece of furniture to its original color, or matching it to a specific sample chosen by the client.

Completed project of furniture restoration in seattle

Once the chair refinishing process was complete, our upholstery craftsmen began to ‘dress’ the chair back up to its former potential. Many hours of labor went into the cutting, sewing, and overall production of this wingback from our upholstery department. The channel back detailing along with the double welt on the frame of the chair were sewn and attached by hand in our workshop. Our family run company takes care in hiring only the most qualified and talented craftsman of the trade, along with training them to gain more advanced skills along the way such as applying a double welt trim. It always excites us to be able to display our handiwork, and we really enjoyed working on this classic chair.

Seattle furniture upholstery is displayeed here

Finished Seattle reupholstery workSeattle Chair Refinishing is done to exposed wood on this piece

Art Deco Sideboard Receives Full Service Furniture Repair in Seattle

Some beautifully restored pieces of furniture have just passed through our production facility, with clients’ requests prompting us to set various goals of restoring, refinishing, and reupholstering. Sometimes we come across unique and notable items that we feel are worth mentioning, and we certainly enjoy having a platform to share our restoration work on these special objects and pieces of furniture with you.

Wide shot of our latest seattle furniture repair jobDetailed seattle table refinishing job

For Quality Furniture Repair in Seattle, Look no Further

Here is an Art Deco Sideboard that was brought to our craftsman for the best Seattle furniture repair and refinishing that could be offered. The crew at our facility have carefully restored and refinished this item to its original stature and quality. This was just one of many heirlooms we get the lucky opportunity to see pass through our shop floors in the past few weeks. In this particular piece, the drawers were individually lined with felt by the hands of our expert craftsman, and each part of the piece was refinished to match its original tones.

Of course, if you take a look at the photos below you will be able to see the spectacular floral detailing on the front of this piece, especially around the handles. Our attention to detail is demonstrably superior to other furniture repair services, and it is a joy of ours to display our work when it comes to antique furniture restoration. Though we give every project that comes through our doors equal consideration. this particular task was completely within our wheelhouse and we couldn’t be happier to send our client home with a historic yet nearly new-looking sideboard.


wide shot of a full seattle antique furniture restoration task complete


felt interior of an excelletn seattle furniture repai rjob


close up of an excellent seattle table refinishing