Designer Spotlight: Christina Collins-Pezzner From Spatial Matters

At Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing, we partner with a number of talented local interior designers and decorators to help each other create beautiful spaces for our clients. One of these designers is Christina Collins-Pezzner from the Seattle-based design company Spatial Matters Inc.

Spatial Matters Inc.

A lifelong creator with experience in graphic design, apparel, and set and home design, Christina Collins-Pezzer founded Spatial Matters Inc. in 2016 to bring great design to every home and business. She now works as Spatial Matters’ CEO and senior designer, and is passionate about creating spaces that improve her clients’ quality of life.

As Christina explains on her website, “We spend so much time inside and it’s proven that the feel and functionality of your space sets the pace for your mood and drive throughout the day. We want to help provide environments that help you feel like your best sense of self.”

To this end, Spatial Matters offers a number of different services. Christina partners with a network of contractors to provide not only redecorating, but also renovation and remodeling for both commercial and residential spaces. She also specializes in interior design for vacation rentals, improving guest experiences and increasing ratings and return bookings.

Clients who are looking for something specific can work with Spatial Matters to custom-design furniture pieces tailored to their needs and personal style.

Lastly, Spatial Matters offers several express consultation services for clients who have limited time (or budgets). For example, clients can book an express consultation to get advice on how to best design a room’s layout, or on choosing the right colors for their space.

Follow Spatial Matters on Instagram for more examples of their past work and inspiration for your own home projects!

Learn More About Our Designer Referral Program

Our partnership with Spatial Matters and other local designers is a result of our designer referral program. This program maximizes designers’ potential by equipping them with first-rate decor items and services to offer their clients. At the same time, clients benefit from our combined expertise and skills, enjoying convenient processes and receiving superiorly designed spaces and products.

Designers: To learn more about our designer referral program, visit our website or stop by one of our showrooms.

Homeowners: If you’re looking for a designer to help you redecorate or remodel your home, contact us to learn how to get started with one of our in-house interior decorators or trusted design partners.