Designer Spotlight: Emily Lauderback From Color in Space

At Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we partner with a number of talented local interior designers and decorators to help each other create beautiful spaces for our clients. One of these designers is Emily Lauderback from the design and color consultation firm Color in Space.

Color in Space

Emily Lauderback founded Color in Space in 2005 after working as a math coach, interior designer, and color consultant. Her combined passion for education and interior design inspired the mission behind the company.

This mission is two-fold. First, confronted with limitless paint color options, homeowners often struggle to choose the right colors for their space. Color in Space aims to make this process easier by helping them build a palette that supports their home’s architecture.

But it’s not just about choosing colors that look good: The colors chosen should be energetically balanced to promote a specific feeling of the homeowner’s choice.

To both of these ends, Emily has designed two series of customized color palettes, the Dwelling Palettes and the Chakra Palettes. Each palette includes swatches of 12 distinct, coordinated colors that homeowners can use as a roadmap for their interior decor. The colors needn’t be used for paint alone — one color could work for an area rug, another for the couch, and so on. The end result is a harmonious blend of colors that makes you feel your best.

While these palettes can be purchased online, Emily also offers both in-person and phone consultations to help clients choose the right color palette for their home and apply their color palette to their space.

Visit Color in Space’s website or Facebook for more examples of Emily’s past work and inspiration for your own home projects!

Learn More About Our Designer Referral Program

Our partnership with Color in Space and other local designers is a result of our designer referral program. This program maximizes designers’ potential by equipping them with first-rate decor items and services to offer their clients. At the same time, clients benefit from our combined expertise and skills, enjoying convenient processes and receiving superiorly designed spaces and products.

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