Designer Spotlight: Judith Wright Design

At Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we partner with a number of talented local interior designers and decorators to help each other create beautiful spaces for our clients. One of these designers is Judith Wright from Judith Wright Design.

Judith Wright Design

Judith Wright Sentz received her master’s degree in interior design at Western Michigan University. For the past 20 years, she has been practicing in residential, yacht, corporate, and hospitality interior design in the Pacific Northwest.

Although Judith enjoys designing all areas of the home, she is a professional member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and focuses on the aesthetic and functional detailing of these two rooms.

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Judith’s design philosophy favors pleasing architectural shape, texture, color, and scale. She avoids creating spaces that are overly matching, instead preferring the eclecticism that comes with blending old and new pieces, and is experienced in designing both contemporary and traditional interiors.

However, Judith’s aim is always to interpret her client’s vision and create a space that is their ideal for both personal expression and comfort.

Services offered by Judith Wright Design include:

  • Interior space planning
  • Color scheme development
  • Paint selection
  • Product, material, and finish specification
  • Kitchen and bath layout
  • Cabinetry and fixtures
  • Furniture placement
  • Artwork consultation
  • Window treatments
  • Lighting design
  • Accessorizing
  • Custom textiles and rugs

Judith Wright Design takes on projects of all sizes and offers a complimentary telephone conversation at the beginning of each project to determine if it’s a good fit. 

Visit Judith Wright Design’s website or Instagram for more examples of Judith’s past work and inspiration for your own home projects!

Learn More About Our Designer Referral Program

Our partnership with Judith Wright Design and other local designers is a result of our designer referral program. This program maximizes designers’ potential by equipping them with first-rate decor items and services to offer their clients. At the same time, clients benefit from our combined expertise and skills, enjoying convenient processes and receiving superiorly designed spaces and products.

Designers: To learn more about our designer referral program, visit our website or stop by one of our showrooms.

Homeowners: If you’re looking for a designer to help you redecorate or remodel your home, contact us to learn how to get started with one of our in-house interior decorators or trusted design partners.