Document Your Furniture’s Transformation With a Coffee Table Book

If you’ve ever gotten anything upholstered or refinished, you’re familiar with the process: You drop off your damaged, aged, or outdated furniture and return to find it repaired, renewed, or modernized. What you don’t see is the process between the “before” and the “after,” the transformation that takes place behind the scenes.

Coffee table book with text promoting a special offer

This winter, Queen Anne Upholstery is changing that with our coffee table book special. For every qualifying* order, we will create a personalized photo book documenting the alterations that transform your piece. When you come to pick up your furniture, you’ll also get a professional compilation of photos to keep on your coffee table.

A Link to Family History

Quality furniture has a life of its own. Furniture that gets passed down through generations witnesses some of your family’s most special landmarks; and the sight of a certain piece may even transport you to a certain period of your life. While upholstering and refinishing allow you to prolong furniture’s stay with your family and prepare it for future generations, you may also want to remember what came before. A specially crafted coffee table book could be an invaluable link to your family’s history, and make a beloved gift to the family member who passed the furniture down to you. In addition to photos of the piece, the book can include a biography of it, photos of the different houses it has inhabited, and even photos of and information about its past and current owners — whatever you want to remember and honor with this one-of-a-kind treasure.

A Record of Changing Styles

Furniture trends come and go. Although you may appreciate the 1970s floral print on your sofa, you probably recognize that it’s time for something new. And just as your old yearbooks chronicle the hairdos and clothing of your youth, a coffee table book made just for you can testify to the decades — and styles — that your furniture has passed through. You may not be inclined to pull out your yearbooks for all to see, but you’ll be showing off this before and after documentation to guests all the time, if only to prove that your furniture really has been around the block.

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*Orders must meet a $2,000 minimum in order to qualify.


Image via Unsplash