Furniture: Part of the Family

Close-up of an engraved piece of wood furniture

What is the significance of a piece of furniture?

We use it every day, but we don’t often stop to contemplate its purpose unless it’s no longer serving it. A chair with a broken leg, for instance, will make itself noticed (probably with a fall to the floor) much faster than one with all legs intact.

But it’s high time that we give furniture its due, if only to better appreciate the subtle magic it holds in our homes.

Furniture’s Beginning

Humans started making and using furniture in the Neolithic period, when we transitioned from a nomadic society of hunters and gatherers to an agricultural one. No longer moving from one place to the next, people could make use of dressers, tables, shelves, and beds.

However, a more rudimentary form of furniture has likely been around since the beginning of human civilization, with early humans using natural objects as makeshift pieces. A large tree trunk or rock could have functioned as a table in the same way that boxes do now when people are moving and haven’t unpacked yet.

Furniture Today

If we’ve come to rely more and more on furniture in the last 10,000 years, it’s not for the convenience it provides alone. Now more than ever, furniture is what brings families together: You call your kids to the kitchen table for dinner, gather on the sofa in the living room, and tuck them into their beds at night.

Furniture provides the foundation — quite literally — for your time together, helping create memories that the furniture itself will remind you of for years to come.

In fact, you might even say that furniture is imbued with the energy of the family. The history your family makes surrounding each piece of furniture creates and grows its value, and it in turn helps shape your everyday lives.

Just as your relationships grow stronger over the years, your furniture’s significance to your family increases with time, to the point that it becomes, in its own way, a part of the family itself.

And you don’t dispose of family, the way people dispose of mass-produced made-to-be-thrown-away pieces of furniture. Instead, you invest in quality that will last, and you fix, refinish, and reupholster when necessary rather than buying new.

Give your furniture the same attention you would a family member in desperate need of a makeover, instilling them with newfound confidence, so they can look their best for all the memories yet to come.

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