Furniture Repair in Seattle for Pair of Restored Chairs

A new Seattle Furniture Repair projectChair just before conducting reupholstery-seattle

When a project like this comes through our doors we often get quite excited about being able to work on such fine pieces because we know how much improvement can be made. Especially when performing Seattle furniture repair on an antiques that are as badly in need of restoration as these were, we become filled with anticipation to see the items in their finished and fully restored beauty. These 1800-1840s Regency English chairs came to us with horse hair and webbing falling out of the bottom and the original mohair barely intact. 

Blown chair bottom needs furniture repair in SeattleBefore and Seattle antique furniture restoration


This dining set has been handed down through several generations, and was finally brought to us for a complete overhaul. We were tasked with stripping the chairs completely and building them back up to appear new. The owners hoped to be able to continue the tradition of handing them down as functional pieces that would exude their rightful beauty and elegance. Our team stripped off the old materials and the fading finish. They proceeded to sand the around the detailing with extreme care to preserve the original woodworking while still allowing the application of a new finish to the frame. The chairs were upholstered with new foam and padding and covered with mohair that was matched for colors with the original set. We were most pleased with the matching nail head detailing atop the gimp, which we believe provided a sense of true authenticity to these regal English antiques. Embellishments like these might be challenging for some, but our decades of experience and excellent productions facilities allow us to execute fine detailing with ease. 

Close up of Seattle reupholstery work

Finished Seattle Chair refinishing project