Guide to Armchair Styles

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If you’re furnishing your home, you know that choosing pieces beyond the main dining room table and couch can be tricky. You need quality pieces that offer style, comfort, and functionality. 

Armchairs are one piece of accent furniture that works well in almost any room, as long as you find the right one for your particular interior decor style and intended use. 

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Read our guide to armchair styles to get a better idea of what type of armchair would be the best addition to your home.

What Is an Armchair?

Armchairs are a type of accent chair that is used in the home. The difference between a normal chair and an armchair is right in the name. Armchairs have side panel sections that form a structure to support your arms as you sit. 

An armchair can be a wonderful addition to the living room area next to a longer couch for extra seating, as well as in the bedroom for a seating option other than the bed. 

Armchair Considerations

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the perfect armchair for your home.


As much as a huge armchair might sound comfortable, you don’t want to overwhelm the rest of your furniture. Consider more compact designs and styles if you’re in a small space. 

You’ll also want to ensure that the seat itself is the right height. Make sure your feet can touch the ground and your knees aren’t bunched up or dangling off of the armchair seat.


Are you adding armchairs to your home in order to accommodate guests? A couple of well-placed, comfortable-looking armchairs next to a couch in a living area can take your hosting to the next level.

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If you’re planning on sitting on a piece of furniture, you’re going to want that piece of furniture to be comfortable. Make sure your armchair seat is thick with nice padding, and deep enough to sit but easy enough to get into and out of.


You need your armchair to have some support so that you won’t feel aches and pains after sitting in it for a long period of time. 

An extremely low-backed armchair won’t be a great match for someone with a bad back. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your armchair, save yourself the pain and choose one with a high, supportive, and cushioned back.


For a long-lasting armchair, look for one with a sturdy and durable framework. The upholstery should also be made out of quality materials so that your armchair will look great and work well for years to come. 

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Types of Armchair Styles

Are all armchairs the same? Besides their connecting factor of having arm rests, armchairs come in a wide variety of styles.

Traditional Armchairs

Traditional armchairs are comfortable, cushioned chairs with a rectangular high back and two side panels to rest your arms. The base of the chair is connected to four legs for support, and the back is sometimes smooth or tufted.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs make a bold statement with their dramatic side panels that extend from the back of the chair, similar to wings. 

These chairs were originally placed next to fireplaces and the wings were added to protect the individual from drafts. Nowadays, you can find this armchair style in modern or classically designed homes — fireplace or not. 

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Club Chairs

One of the most comfortable types of armchairs on our list is the club chair. Spaciously designed with rounded edges and plush padding, the club chair is a perfect addition to any modern living room. A common upholstered material for the club chair is leather.

Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs are similar to club chairs in that they offer spacious, rounded construction and provide maximum comfort. However, instead of separate panels for the armrests, barrel chairs are crafted in one large piece, with the armrests a continuation of the solid rounded back. 

Additionally, modern versions of the barrel chair are supported by a swivel platform instead of a four-leg base.

Womb Chairs

With its indented arm rests, rounded back, and removable cushions, the womb chair is designed to gently envelope its occupants in comfort, much like its namesake. Designed in 1946, these chairs look great in a midcentury modern home, next to a bedroom vanity or shelf full of books.

Chesterfield Chairs

Consider the Chesterfield if you’re looking for a regal, sophisticated armchair that doesn’t skimp on comfort. These wide armchairs are usually upholstered in leather, with a deep seat and button-tufted back connected to rolled armrests of the same height.

Recliner Chairs

One of the most common armchairs that you might find in the average American household is the recliner. 

A recliner chair is an upholstered armchair, typically in the traditional armchair style, with a side lever or button that tilts the chair back and simultaneously pushes a footrest forward. Recliners are excellent additions to a cozy living room or den space.

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