How Long Should Furniture Last? How to Tell When It’s Time for an Upgrade

broken ratty looking blue chair in front of garage

Even though your furniture might not come with a “best by” date, a time comes when you need to say goodbye to that old couch or that rickety dining room chair and consider an upgrade to your everyday home furniture. 

Depending on what type of furniture you own, what it’s made of, and how often it is used, your furniture may need to be replaced sooner than you think.

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Couches and sofas tend to need to be replaced every seven to 15 years. If you’re experiencing jutting springs, a sinking feeling, creaking noises, general discomfort or viewable wear and tear like fraying material or scuffed legs, you might want to consider replacing your couch. 

This also holds true if your couch could use an update aesthetically, or is no longer cohesive with the rest of your furniture.

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Similar to the lifespan for couches, a recliner will probably need to be replaced after between seven and 15 years. If the hardware on the inside breaks and your recliner is stuck in the reclined position, or no longer reclines, you’ll need to replace the piece earlier.

Dining Room Table

Luckily, dining room tables don’t need to be replaced as often as a mattress, recliner, or couch — probably because they lack upholstery. Tables can last many years as long as the surface is properly taken care of. 

To prevent average wear and tear such as dents, scratches, or burn marks, you should use tablecloths and placemats and regularly clean the surface area.

Dining Room Chairs

Unless upholstered, you might only need to replace your dining room chairs if the legs become wobbly and further tightening of the screws or leg replacement won’t fix the issue. If your dining room chairs include upholstered seats and they become damaged with holes, fraying, or stains, you can replace them — or think about reupholstering with a new material to give your chairs more life

Another sign that it may be time to replace your chairs is if you need a whole new dining room set to accommodate a larger, or smaller, space.

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Coffee Table

Coffee tables, like dining room tables, have a wide range for their expiration date. Depending on the amount of use your coffee table gets, it can last anywhere from five to 20 years. Consider replacing your coffee table if you notice unstable legs, discoloration, or an outdated look.


Signs that your dresser or armoire needs to be replaced include stubborn drawer mechanisms (the drawers get stuck or constantly slide off their rails), wobbly legs, and loose drawer pulls. 

Because of the weight and height of many dressers, once a dresser becomes unstable it also becomes a dangerous accident waiting to happen. 

Dressers should last anywhere between five and 15 years, but replacing your dresser at the first sign of damage, especially if you live in a house with children, is the safest thing to do.

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Restoration at Queen Anne Upholstery

If you don’t think your furniture is quite on its last legs yet, you might just need to find somewhere for repair or restoration. The experienced team at Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing offers restoration and refinishing services that aim to extend the life and restore the structural integrity of your pieces. 

Queen Anne Upholstery can also connect you with our designers and builders to custom-create any piece of furniture to meet your specific needs. 

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