How to Protect Your Furniture From Child-Sized Disasters

Millions of families across the globe are staying home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Kids are spending more time in the house than ever before, which means keeping things clean and organized can be a little more difficult than usual. Check out these tips to help you protect your furniture from child-sized disasters, and keep your little ones safe at the same time.

Select Stylish Throw Blankets

If you have younger children who are likely to spill or make a mess, cover your couch or chair with a stylish (and easy-to-clean) throw blanket during playtime.

Get Your Child Their Own Mini Furniture

Having a miniature, kid-sized table for art projects or snack time will not only save your dining room from potential messes — your child will also feel special having their very own space just like their mom or dad’s.

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Implement Closed Shelving

As tempting as it may be to display all of your knickknacks, games, books, glassware, and other trinkets in an open display, opting for closed shelving such as drawers or baskets will discourage little hands from getting into things they shouldn’t. Using containers such as baskets will also help keep things looking neat and organized.

Go With Leather Furniture

Leather couches and chairs not only look stylish and cozy, but are also easier to clean than other materials. Wipe down your leather furniture with a cloth dampened with vinegar and natural oil or other natural cleaning solutions to get rid of sticky juice messes.

Educate Yourself on Cleaning Your Furniture

The best way to child-proof your nice furniture is to know how to efficiently clean when messes happen. Vacuum up crumbs off your rugs and in the corners of your sofa before using any liquid cleaner. For leather furniture, gently wipe down with a natural oil and vinegar solution, and read the care instructions on fabric cushions to see if you can unzip them and throw them in the wash.

If your furniture is beyond an at-home cleaning solution, or you want to breathe new life into an old chair or couch, consider getting a professional to upholster, refinish, or repair your furniture. Contact Queen Anne Upholstery to see what we can do for you!