Interior Decor Styles We Love: American Colonial

When faced with so many unique and creative decor options to style your home, choosing the right one might be difficult. From southwestern decor to minimalist, Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to help each and every client learn about which interior style fits their home and personality.

American Colonial style is prominent in the gorgeous old houses of New England, but can be adapted to fit any home no matter the location. This timeless decor style incorporates the utilitarian look of early American craftsmanship with down-to-earth, understated elegance. Clapboard siding, moody colors, delicate patterns, china hutches, and large dining tables for large family gatherings are just a handful of the characteristics that define an American Colonial style home.

Deep Moody Colors

Moody, earthy colors such as cloudy blues, grays, and sage and forest greens are common in American Colonial homes. These colors provide a stunning aesthetic when contrasted against white or wooden furniture. Paint companies such as Benjamin Moore have even put out lines inspired by colonial colors, such as their Williamsburg collection.

Long Dining Tables

Long dining room tables that feature excellent craftsmanship are a must-have for your American Colonial home. The charm and utility of these kinds of dining rooms provide a perfect environment for large family gatherings.

Rich Portraiture or Paintings

Blank walls are a no-go for colonial interiors. Rich, romantic paintings with dramatic brushstrokes usually focused on portraiture or landscapes are a great way to personalize your living space.

Toile Patterns

Although American Colonial interior design places emphasis on craftsmanship and utility, it is often contrasted with delicate toile patterns on rugs, drapes, or vases.

Utilitarian China Hutches

A well-made china hutch can be a great piece to add to any kitchen or dining room. The storage it provides, combined with the ability to display some of your most treasured pieces, is a perfect example of the strength and beauty of American Colonial decor.

Is American Colonial decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing and we’ll be happy to help you create this look in your home with our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom-design services. Shop around for ideas or check out our premade furniture ready for purchase at our showrooms. One of our in-house custom interior decorators can always help you achieve your perfect American Colonial style home by making recommendations and even visiting your house.

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