Interior Decor Styles We Love: Art Deco

Image via Pixabay

With so many options to choose from, deciding on an interior decor style for your home can be tough. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is eager to help you learn more about styles ranging from rustic to minimalist, and narrow down which interior decor style is right for you.

One design option consists of the opulent, colorful geometric patterns and glamorous aesthetic that comes with art deco. The art deco design style became popular in Europe in the 1920s and continues to be a favored, statement-making interior design choice. Art deco utilizes strong geometric influences, bold patterns, bright colors, luxurious materials, and ornate details to turn any space into a unique, impactful representation of your personal style.

Heavy Patterns

Go big or go home when it comes to patterns in your art deco-inspired home. Art deco patterns include sunbursts, chevrons, trapezoidal shapes, stylized animals, human figures, and jagged edges. Bold, statement-making wallpaper and rugs will brighten the room and inspire conversation among guests.

Geometric Influences

Geometric influence in wallpaper, tile, furniture, and art is an essential characteristic of art deco interior style. This influence is reminiscent of skyscrapers and architecture in cities such as New York โ€” places that inspire excitement, opportunity, and change. Geometric shapes provide a certain level of drama, luxury, and sophistication.

Bright Colors

In addition to the typical black, white, silver, and gold look that you may think of when you consider art deco style (i.e., โ€œThe Great Gatsbyโ€), bursts of color โ€” especially pinks and jewel tones โ€” are quite common in art deco designs.

Luxurious Materials

A wide range of materials can be used side by side for an art deco look, but one key focus is the appearance of luxury. Silk and velvet materials, embroidered or tassel detail, ornate glassware, and lacquered or highly polished floors can all work together to give off a glamorous feel.

Ornate Details

Ornate details in rooms such as the bathroom can turn your home into an art deco-inspired paradise. Shiny gold faucets and elegant mirrors and light fixtures paired with beautifully patterned tile make a gorgeous art deco bathroom fit for royalty.

Is art deco decor turning your head? Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing can help you create the glamour and the drama of art deco interior decor in your home with a number of different services: Reupholster or refinish worn vintage furniture, work with us to custom-design the perfect pieces, or shop our premade furniture ready for purchase at our showrooms. Whatever route you take, one of our in-house custom interior decorators will be happy to make recommendations and even visit your home to help you cultivate an art deco look.

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