Interior Decor Styles We Love: Bohemian

When the internet is filled with seemingly endless inspiration for home design, how do you choose the right style for your house? Whether you’re thinking of going for a Southwestern look or are more fond of minimalism, Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to help you learn about which interior style fits your unique home and personality.

One popular option for interior decor is bohemian. The origin of bohemian interior decor comes from groups of nomadic people in the early 1900s traveling from the Bohemia region in the Czech Republic to urban cities such as Paris in pursuit of a care-free, creative lifestyle. 

Bohemian style saw a resurgence in the ‘60s and the ‘70s, incorporating rich colors, layering patterns, vintage furniture and accessories, tapestries, rugs, displayed knick knacks, and collections of art in mismatched frames. Bohemian style gives off a comfortable, lived-in vibe full of personality, with each displayed book or trinket telling a story.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage-inspired or antique pieces find new life in a bohemian-style home. Pair vintage furniture with new throw pillows or an older lamp with a new, bright lampshade to create a unique blended atmosphere — modern yet rich with history. Consider reupholstering older pieces to match your particular color scheme or style.


Colorful rugs and tapestries are an essential element to bohemian decor. Ornate Persian rugs that give off a cozy, warm vibe are great for dressing up a hallway and adding art to every space of your room (including the floor).

Packed Bookshelves

Bohemian decor is the opposite of minimalism. Every shelf or wall space should have something displayed to draw the eye and spark conversation. Packed shelves filled with books, knickknacks, picture frames, candles, plants, and other items that tell a story are bohemian decor necessities.

Gallery Walls

Going along with the theme of artistic maximalism, creating a gallery wall is a great idea to show off your personality in your home. Whether your artwork comes from artist friends, your world travels, or the forgotten corners of the local thrift store, gather them together in mismatched frames and designate a wall to display your treasures.


Bohemian decor is definitely a plant-friendly interior design style. The more plants, the better! Bring the natural world indoors by setting up a succulent garden or hanging trailing plants from wicker baskets or macramé planters.

Is bohemian decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing and we’ll be happy to help you create this look in your home with our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom-design services. Set up a time to check out our premade furniture ready for purchase at our showrooms. One of our in-house custom interior decorators can help you by making recommendations and even visiting your house to give you suggestions for your perfect bohemian style home.

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