Interior Decor Styles We Love: Cottage

Image via Unsplash

When decorating your first home or redecorating your favorite space for a fresh look, settling on an interior design style can be nearly impossible. Do you want the crisp, modern look of minimalism? Or should you create a gallery wall and show off your eclectic treasures for a more bohemian vibe? Whatever inspires you, Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to teach you more about each style and help you make the right decision for your unique home and personality.

One of our favorite interior decor choices is cottage style. If your home is a cottage style house, every room is welcoming and friendly. Cottage style decor embraces the cozy and the casual without ever looking carelessly thrown together. Textured walls such as baseboards, stone, or exposed brick and vintage-inspired furniture pieces create a nostalgic atmosphere, while every nook and cranny of the home holds some special purpose — whether that be a secret reading corner or a built-in storage spot. 

Built-in Storage and Exposed Shelves

Cottage style kitchens are all about storage. Built-in shelving underneath the dining table or on top of existing cabinets is a great way to stash extra glassware and special serving plates, while at the same time decoratively showing them off.

Textured Walls

Exposed brick, wooden baseboards, or stone walls give off a rustic, earthy atmosphere, where you can imagine you are hiding away in a cozy, comfy little cave or secret fort.

Cozy Nooks

Every window seat, small closet, attic room, or under-the-staircase space presents the opportunity for a cozy nook when you have a cottage-style home. Add cushions and decorative throws to create a special spot for reading books or having your morning cup of coffee.

Vintage-Inspired Bathrooms

Bathrooms in a cottage-style home are all about vintage-inspired appliances that give you the feeling of luxury. Big claw-foot tubs and retro hardware are just a few examples of how to turn your bathroom into a cottage spa.

A Comfortable and Inviting Atmosphere

Above all, your cottage-style home should feel warm and inviting as soon as you step inside. Comfortable couches and casual throw pillows and blankets will also let guests know that they can relax and feel at home.

Is cottage decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing and we’ll be happy to help you create this look in your home with our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom-design services. You can even schedule an appointment to view our premade furniture ready for purchase in our showrooms, or talk with one of our custom interior decorators to decide on the best way to achieve your perfect cottage style home.

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