Interior Decor Styles We Love: Midcentury Modern

At Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we’re dedicated to helping each and every client achieve the space of their dreams. This starts with helping them understand their different interior decor style options. 

One of the most highly sought after decor options is the sleek and retro midcentury modern style. Here’s our guide on how to incorporate midcentury modern decor in your home.

Clean Lines

The most essential element of midcentury modern decor is the use of clean, sleek lines in furniture and decorations. Whereas the straight edges are sharp, the curves are organic and gentle while still being well-defined. Ornamentation and accents are kept to a minimum.

The result is an unfussy, uncluttered, and understated look.

Mixed Materials

After World War II, technological advances spurred on the development and production of new materials, textures, effects, colors, and forms. One of these new productions was plastic, which would later become a significant element of midcentury modern design.

While embracing the new materials available, midcentury modern design continued to use more traditional options as well. In fact, the juxtaposition of traditional materials (such as wood) with nontraditional materials (such as plastic, glass, metal, and plywood) is typical of this decor style.

Pops of Bright Color

Midcentury modern decor is known for its bursts of color: While neutrals make up the majority of the space, bright and saturated colors are used in moderation for pillows, furniture, accent walls, and the like. The color pallete often includes yellows, oranges, reds, and aquas.

Geometric Patterns

Look closely and you’re likely to find geometric patterns in any midcentury modern space. Rugs that incorporate straight lines, circles, or triangles (like the one above) are common, but you’ll also see accent walls with bold geometric wallpaper as well as other geometric decor elements. Patterns don’t have to be from the ‘50s or ‘60s to work — as long as they have clean colors and designs, they’ll look at home in midcentury modern decor.


Texture is important in midcentury modern decor to add visual interest to the otherwise minimalistic design. The room above incorporates texture with a cowhide rug, textured upholstery, and a brick fireplace surround. Shag rugs and rough stone fireplaces are also common.


Midcentury modern spaces don’t skimp on lighting, using floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lamps — often all in the same room. Midcentury modern lamps tend to be made of finished metals and play with lines and geometric shapes. The most iconic lamps made in this style have simple curved contours or straight rods with exposed bulbs. 

Plenty of natural light is also essential to midcentury modern design, which tries to integrate itself with nature as much as possible.

Is midcentury modern decor calling you? Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing can help you create this look in your home with a number of different services: Reupholster or refinish worn vintage furniture, work with us to custom-design the perfect pieces, or shop our premade furniture ready for purchase at our showrooms. Whatever route you take, one of our in-house custom interior decorators will be happy to make recommendations and even visit your home to help you cultivate a midcentury modern look.

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Featured image via Unsplash