Interior Decor Styles We Love: Modern

a modern decorated dining room

With so many options for interior design, decorating and furnishing your home can be overwhelming. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is ready to help inspire you to find your perfect decor style. 

Whether you’re feeling bohemian, minimalist, or somewhere in between, this series will help you find something you love and learn a little more about your chosen design style.

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What Is Modern Design?

Modern decor is a sleek, uncluttered design style that picked up around the 1930s. Rooted in clean lines and taking inspiration from the industrial boom and growing urban atmosphere, modern design moves away from traditional building materials such as wood and brick, and toward steel, glass, and concrete. 

Modern design has many off-shoots, including minimalism, Scandinavian, industrial, mid-century modern, and arts and crafts decor.

If you’re looking to embrace modern design, the big thing to remember is that form should always combine with function. Check out these examples of marvelous modern spaces and find inspiration for your sleek and sophisticated home.

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Pops of Bright Color

Add blocks of bright color to contrast with your neutral background to brighten up your modern space and make a statement.

Clean Lines

Modern design favors clean lines, and this vertical backboard and headboard paneling not only emphasizes the space, but adds some sophistication as well.

Large Windows

A great modernist setup doesn’t need blinds or curtains. Ensure that your rooms have large windows with little to no window treatments to allow in natural light (and show off your view!).

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Modern Art & Sculpture

Modern decor loves to feature bold art and sculpture in abstract designs and unexpected forms. Check out this wavy lamp that combines modern, surrealist design with functionality.

Design Meets Function

Decorative pieces in a modern decorated home are never purely for looks. This lamp fixture has a funky, industrial design to it, but does its job at lighting up the room.

Large Open Floor Plans

A modern home embraces wide open spaces, with open floor concepts that merge one room with the next. Think airy and comfortable.

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Furniture With Exposed Legs

If you’re choosing modern decor and furniture, pick something that doesn’t shy away from exposing how it’s made. Chairs and tables with exposed legs and shelving with showcased hardware are perfect for furnishing your modern living room.

Black, Gray, and White Walls

Black, gray, and white walls work perfectly as a clean backdrop for modern design, letting the space speak for itself.

Is modern decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing today and we’ll work with you to create a game plan for turning your home into a modern oasis. Our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom design services can help turn your home from “blah” to modern decor inspiration. Talk with one of our custom interior decorators or book an appointment to view what we have ready to purchase in our incredible showrooms.

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