Interior Decor Styles We Love: Tropical

Image via Unsplash

We know that deciding on an interior design style is tricky — but Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing is here to help with some inspiration. Whether you’re looking for something rustic, clean and minimalist, or funky and bohemian, we’ve got you covered with pictures and information about each style.

Tropical interior decor has been steadily rising as one of the most popular interior design styles out there. With its fresh breezy palette accentuated by natural materials such as wicker and rattan, big leafy plants and bold artwork, tropical decor is a sultry, soothing, and all around fun interior style that is easily achievable.

Plants and Natural Materials

Some spaces are best left simple and polished. Adopt a minimalist style in your bathroom with clean lines and light colors, and then add natural elements such as wicker baskets or rattan bath mats and rich green, humidity-loving plants to create your own tropical spa!

Breezy Shutters

The last thing you want your tropical-decorated home to be is stuffy. Gain the fresh, breezy feeling of being outdoors and emphasize your home’s natural style by adding wooden shutters to large windows in your bedroom or living areas.

Oversized Potted Plants

The perfect accent for any tropical designed room is an oversized, leafy plant. A large potted plant can serve as a statement piece just as well as any framed art or eclectic piece of furniture. Plants not only look amazing in the home, but have also been proven to help boost your mood and improve concentration and productivity, so it’s a win for everyone! Just make sure whatever plant you choose is nontoxic to animals if you have a pet.

Bold Wallpaper

Is your particular brand of tropical style more on the bold side? Consider adding a wallpaper accent wall! Wallpaper is regaining popularity, and instead of tiny floral prints that remind you of your grandmother, you can find all sorts of flashy, stylish designs. For a tropical decor, try lush palm leaf patterns or something with a jungle motif.

Tropical Prints

Sometimes all you need are some well-placed pieces of art to boost your decor and emphasize your theme. Browse Etsy for artwork by independent artists, and choose something colorful and simple, like these leafy prints from InspoPrint, or something bold and colorful, like Bex Parkin’s jungle and animal prints.

Is tropical decor right for you? Contact Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing today and we can go over the details to find out how to recreate this design style in your home. Our reupholstering, refinishing, and custom-design services can help transform your current interior into the tropical decor of your dreams. Schedule an appointment to view our premade furniture ready for purchase in our showrooms, or talk with one of our custom interior decorators to start your journey toward tropical decor!

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