Luxury Yacht Interior Design Trends

If you own a yacht, you know that choosing the right interior design trend is just as important as if you were furnishing your house on land. 

In order to create the perfect home-away-from-home and design a custom yacht interior that represents your personality, you should be aware of the upcoming luxury yacht interior trends. From the importance of sustainable materials to space-expanding glass design, here are five luxury yacht interior trends to look out for.


Sustainability is becoming more of a priority when it comes to designing interiors, and luckily in this day and age more and more eco-friendly and environmentally safe materials are on the market than ever before. From bamboo carpeting and reclaimed wood furniture to LED-lighting, yacht owners are making moves to create a “greener” environment on their boat.

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Curved and Rounded Furniture

Did you know that interiors featuring rounded or curved areas can inspire relaxation and creativity? Chairs with rounded edges and couches or sofas with long, flowing curves can play off of the hard, straight lines of your yacht, and give off a much-needed feeling of calm.

Mid-Century Modern Themes

Mid-century modern really never goes out of style. When incorporated into your yacht’s interior design, these touches can create a classic, sophisticated, yet comfortable atmosphere. The inclusion of elements such as sustainable reclaimed wood, refurbished vintage furniture, brass, and velvet and leather yacht cushions can create a timeless ambiance.


When your space is limited, utilize design tricks to help promote the feeling of wider, more open interiors. 

One upcoming yacht design trend is the use of glass. Incorporating glass into your interior design can emphasize the harmony between the inside and the sprawling sea outdoors. Transparent paneling details, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors, and clear glass tables are two examples of this trend in yachts.


Leather not only fits in with the mid-century modern theme so popular with custom yacht interiors, but it is also a high-quality, luxurious material that adds a level of sophistication to any interior. 

From barstools to yacht cushions, leather is a great choice for furnishing your interior. Leather is also durable, fairly simple to clean, and holds up against UV-ray exposure.

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