More of Our Favorite #PlushPups

We’re back with more of the cutest dogs on Instagram lounging on some great furniture. We’re firm believers that you can keep your couches and chairs looking great while still letting your four-legged friends enjoy them. (Plus, this will give you some great photo opportunities!) 

Here are seven of the most adorable #plushpups on Instagram that are living it up on high-quality furniture, and making the furniture look even better in the process.

Aji the Chorkie

Aji the Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier) and his brown and black fur match this gorgeous midcentury modern Birch Craft chair perfectly.

Duncan the English Bull Terrier

Duncan the English bull terrier’s heart-shaped nose says it all — we love how he looks on this bright red wingback chair! 

Pro tip: A dampened rubber glove, a dry sponge, or a quick rub-down with a mix of water and fabric softener will help eliminate any pet hair that shows up on fabric-covered furniture.

Prince the Sheepdog

Prince the sheepdog is making us want to curl up and take a cozy nap with him on this beautiful sage green button-back sofa.

Oliver the Dachshund

Talk about texture! Oliver the dachshund’s rich chocolate brown fur and the deep-blue fabric of this couch look so soft we can almost feel them through the screen. Jewel-tone colors and luxurious velvet upholstery are perfect elements for art deco-inspired interior decor.

Auggie the Sheepadoodle

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If you’re into rustic decor, Auggie the sheepadoodle has just the chair for you. This tufted leather wingback chair and its furry companion create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Pro-tip: If you have a dog who loves your leather chair as much as Auggie loves his, vacuum and use a gentle leather cleaner every couple of months to keep your furniture slobber- and fur-free.

Mr. Powderbone the Chihuahua

By the looks of it, Mr. Powderbone the Chihuahua is a big fan of patterns (he’s probably blogging about them right now). From his geometric-patterned throw pillow to his tropical print chair, Mr. Powderbone knows that sometimes flashier is better.

Maple the Potcake

I think Maple the potcake needs another throw pillow, don’t you?

Pro-tip: Most throw pillows can be machine-washed with warm water on a delicate cycle with mild detergent. Hang to dry or fluff in the dryer without heat, and make sure all the moisture is gone before use.

Have we convinced you to let your own #plushpup snuggle with you on the couch? At Queen Anne Upholstery, we’re happy to discuss pet-friendly fabrics with you and even reupholster your current pieces to make them more suitable for your best four-legged friend. Request an estimate for your upcoming project today!