Our Favorite #PlushPups and Their Thrones

Who ever said that dogs shouldn’t be allowed on the furniture? We couldn’t disagree more, and believe that keeping your couches and chairs looking great and letting your dogs on the furniture aren’t mutually exclusive.

To prove our point, we’ve rounded up eight of the cutest #plushpups on Instagram that are not only relaxing on high-quality furniture, but are making the furniture look better by doing so.

RubyLou the Miniature Schnauzer

Despite hailing from Germany originally, RubyLou the miniature schnauzer is showing off a decidedly French country antique wing chair. We love the color combination of the pastel green upholstery with the gold-painted wood.

Maxx the Havanese

Another green chair, but a completely different look. This happy Havanese named Maxx couldn’t be enjoying his pale green leather wing chair more. 

Pro tip: Leather is the best dog-friendly fabric choice because it wipes clean easily, won’t snag claws, and is very durable. In fact, if you’re going for rustic interior decor, a little wear and tear will actually contribute to the distressed aesthetic!

Mayo the Cockerdoodle

This photo is all about texture: the scruffy fur of Mayo the cockerdoodle and the soft velvet of the pale pink tuxedo sofa.

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Goya the Rescue Pup

Goya sits with the poise of a queen on this studded armchair. What better throne for such a regal pup?

Pro tip: The more tightly woven the fabric, the less chance it will get snagged on your dog’s claws.

Betty the Black Lab

A black lab with a coat as shiny as Betty’s deserves a perch that’s equally sleek. We think that this chocolaty leather chesterfield sofa fits the bill perfectly.

Bibi the Labradoodle

You might mistake Bibi the labradoodle for another throw pillow if you’re not careful! 

Pro tip: Trim your dog’s claws regularly to minimize the damage they can do on loose-weave fabrics like the one used for the above couch.

Zelda the Kokoni


After a long day of playing, Zelda the kokoni likes nothing better than resting on this beautiful tufted and studded settee sofa.

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