Our Top Leather Furniture Restoration Tips and Tricks

Nothing warms up a space like a quality leather furniture piece. Leather furniture looks great and can last for decades. 

Because leather is a natural material, it does require a bit more TLC than other materials. But, leather furniture is easier to clean and more durable than its fabric counterparts. 

You can use leather furniture restoration and leather furniture cleaning techniques to keep your furniture looking great. 

Use a Leather Furniture Cleaning Solution

Just like any other household furniture, you should clean leather regularly. There are many DIY leather cleaning solutions, but the best solution is to purchase a leather-specific cleaning compound. 

When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, a little goes a long way. Follow the directions on the leather cleaning solution for how much you should use. Then, use a soft rag to clean the leather in a circular motion.

After you’ve cleaned the leather, use another clean rag to wipe away the solution. Let it dry, and then move on to conditioning the leather. 

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Moisturize Leather Regularly 

Leather is a lot like your skin. Cleaning dries it out, and you have to moisturize it. Moisturizing leather helps to protect the exterior from cracks and minimizes the appearance of scratches. 

A leather-specific conditioner is the best option. A little bit goes a long way, so you can invest in quality. To moisturize the leather, put a small amount of conditioner on a clean rag and apply it in circular motions. 

Leather conditioner can make leather appear darker than it was, so test a small area first.

You can use a leather conditioner to improve fading. But if your leather’s color has faded more than the conditioner can repair, then you’ll want to move onto the polish.

Restore Fading With Polish

Faded leather is a common side effect of sun exposure and time. If one area of the furniture is more exposed to sunlight, it might start to look lighter than the rest. 

Thankfully, leather polish dye works well to restore leather to its original coloring. Before beginning, follow the steps for cleaning leather furniture.

Once you have a clean area, test the polish on a small portion of the leather. You want to make sure the polish matches the leather’s original dye. 

Once you ensure it matches, use the same circular motions you would use when conditioning the leather. Use the polish on the entire furniture piece to restore the color. 

Embrace Leather’s Natural Patina 

One of the most appealing aspects of leather is the way it ages. Leather furniture breaks in, not down. 

The more you do your part to care for the leather, the better it will look with age. Not only will it continue to look good, but it will also grow to be even more comfortable and maintain its value.

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See a Pro for Leather Furniture Restoration 

Accidents happen, and you can’t protect leather furniture from everything. If leather furniture gets a hole or snag in it, a professional leather furniture restoration shop can repair it.

You’re better off going to someone who specializes in leather and upholstery. Avoid DIY leather hole repair techniques or dry cleaners because you risk making it look worse than before. 

Leather Refinishing & Repair Experts

If you have a piece of leather furniture that needs repairs or refinishing, we can help! From marine upholstery to kitchen cabinets, Queen Anne Upholstery can assist with all of your home refinishing and repair projects. 

We’re also experts in leather furniture restoration and leather furniture cleaning. Contact us to get an estimate.