#PlushPups in Quarantine

If one thing’s for sure during these uncertain times, it’s that our dogs are delighted that we are spending all this time at home. More walks around the neighborhood, more treats, more playtime, and most of all, more opportunities to relax with their humans. Now more than ever, these #plushpups show that you don’t have to choose between puppy snuggles and displaying your gorgeous furniture.

Choubi the Dachshund

Choubi knows that one way to make your neutral-colored couch look stylish and inviting is to add a couple of throw pillows in fun designs as accents. 

Tip: Switching out your current throw pillows for new ones is an easy and quick way to change the look of your furniture.

Zeus the Staffordshire Terrier

Zeus has been spending a lot of time outside with his family, and one of his favorite places to sit is on top of the wicker patio furniture. Use a vacuum’s brush attachment to remove dust and dirt from the crevices, and use a sponge or a cloth rag with a mixture of dish detergent and warm water to spot clean.

Tip: Don’t sit (or allow your dog to sit) on wicker furniture that is damp because it can cause the seat to sag!

Koa the Yellow Lab

Like Zeus, Koa loves hanging out in the backyard. However — she prefers furniture with upholstered cushions for maximum comfort. 

Tip: To take care of your outdoor upholstered furniture, check the care label on your cushions to see if you can remove the case and put it in the washing machine, or use a vacuum to clean dust and dirt (and dog hair) and a gentle natural cleaning solution to wipe down and clean.

Oliver the Cavapoo

This red leather tufted sofa is the perfect spot for Oliver to nestle up and watch a movie in the living room. 

Tip: Make sure your dog has their favorite blanket or add a nice throw to keep them comfortable and protect your leather furniture from their nails.

Tiberius the Great Dane

Tiberius agrees — working from home can be a drag, especially if your living room isn’t the most inspirational environment. 

Tip: Give your new workspace a pop of color and an art-deco makeover with a bright, vintage-inspired couch.

Now that we’re all spending so much more time at home, taking care of our well-used furniture and creating a stylish atmosphere through interior design can climb to the top of the to-do list. Whether you need tips on what fabrics work best for your couch-potato pup or you’re interested in reupholstering your favorite, well-loved chair, Queen Anne Upholstery is happy to help!  

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