Queen Anne Upholstery Is Proud to Join With Ma-Lee’s Upholstery

Ma-Lee Rogers of Ma-Lee’s Upholstery and Seth Emtage of Queen Anne Upholstery

Ma-Lee’s Upholstery has been a Bellevue-owned and -operated custom upholstery business proudly serving their community for over 20 years. Ma-Lee Rogers and her two sons, Adrian and Jon, have been running the business on their own since 2015 and have decided to join the Queen Anne Upholstery wholesale team. 

In some ways, the upholstery trade can be seen as the “threads” that have run through the Rogers family for many years. As a student from China living in California, Ma-Lee met her late husband Scott in Laguna Hills. She was working at an upholstery shop and he would pick her up after her shift, oftentimes watching her finish her projects and eventually learning the trade himself. After they were married, they started a family and would bring the kids into the shop. Ma-Lee’s sons, Adrian and Jon, became excellent upholsterers at a young age, and are now experts in the trade — from foam springs to fabric and all the technical details in between.

The Rogers’ extensive experience providing custom upholstery services, high-quality slip covers, custom-made furniture, refinishing, and more for residential and commercial projects, paired with their entrepreneurial spirit and strong family values, make Ma-Lee’s Upholstery an exciting and truly beneficial addition to Queen Anne Upholstery. 

To learn more about this acquisition, feel free to contact us on our website.