Surpassing Upholstery Standards

If you’ve ever upholstered anything, you’re likely familiar with the beginning and end of the upholstery process: meeting with an upholsterer to discuss the project, and later picking up the finished piece. What you don’t see is the intricate work of the adept craftsmen and craftswomen who collaborate to bring your vision to life.



Tried and True Trade Methods

Upholstery requires many different skills, creativity, familiarity with numerous required tools, and thorough knowledge of processes — in all, it’s a trade that takes upwards of five years to learn. QA Group has been mastering upholstery since 1936, meaning that we have watched it evolve firsthand for over eight decades, and know the complexities of the trade inside and out. All of our team members have years of experience in providing high-end upholstery services, and stay up-to-date on changing trends and best practices. We utilize the best fabrics, tools, and equipment available.


Level Up with Our Upholstery Resources

As the premier upholstery company in the U.S., we’re also your educational resource for all things upholstery and refinishing. Whether you’re interested in working in the trade or merely want to know what happens when you get your furniture upholstered, feel free to browse our collection of educational resources below:


Example of Queen Anne Upholstery Work