Restoration, Refinishing, & Repair

Custom Restoration, Refinishing, & Repair

Our expert repair, restoration, and refinishing services are designed to add new life to your favorite classic pieces, whether to fully repair and restore the structural integrity of a piece or to improve and brighten its appearance and style.

Understanding the difference between furniture repair and restoration and furniture refinishing is important. Always consult with our in-house refinishing experts before choosing a service to ensure that it will benefit your furniture.

Furniture Repair and Restoration

Furniture restoration is a light cleaning of the furniture and can involve simple cosmetic repairs that don’t take away from the furniture’s appearance or value. We specialize in full antique furniture restoration, so you can rest assured that you’re leaving your beloved pieces in good hands.

Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing involves stripping your furniture of its initial finish to restore its appearance and style. Our expert furniture refinishing services include options of:

  • Lacquer finishes
  • Hand stripping
  • French polishing
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom colors

Benefits of Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing furniture allows you to:

  • Protect the wood, which will become dull and stained without the finish.
  • Extend the life of existing furniture (for up to 30 years or longer).
  • Revitalize old, worn furniture.
  • Save money on purchasing new furniture.
  • Restyle furniture to match updated home decor.
  • Benefit the environment by contributing less to deforestation, climate change, and landfills.

Our Process

Schedule to discuss your finishing and custom color options with our in-house refinishing experts. For custom color finishes, request to have one of our decor and style experts visit your home to ensure the color you choose will look great in your space and harmonize with your other furniture.

Once our work on your furniture is complete, we’ll deliver it to your home for you to enjoy.

Request an estimate to get started on your furniture refinishing project today!

Kitchen Refinishing

Revive the appearance of your kitchen while retaining the unique character of your cabinets and counters! Kitchen refinishing is a cost-friendly alternative to refacing your cabinets (replacing the face of your cabinets and drawers) or restoring your kitchen completely.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has developed a reputation as the Northwest’s premier kitchen refinisher. We are Fine Paints of Europe-certified and have a state-of-the-art spray booth facility, as well as an on-site dust and fume control system.

Our Kitchen Refinishing Services

Our kitchen refinishing services include:

  • Unlimited finish options
  • Lacquer finishes in custom colors
  • New countertops (sandstone, granite, quartz)
  • Minor cabinet modifications and repair
  • The ability to blend in with existing finishes
  • Hardware replacement or refurbishing

For custom color finishes, request to have one of our decor and style experts visit your home to ensure the color you choose will look great in your space. Request an estimate to get started on your kitchen refinishing project today!



Outdoor Furniture Refinishing

Seattle weather can take a toll on outdoor patio furniture. Luckily, Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing specializes in refinishing these pieces back to their original luster.

Benefits of Refinishing Outdoor Furniture

Refinishing allows you to:

  • Restore your damaged or weather-worn (by mold or sun) outdoor furniture to save the expense of buying new.
  • Extend the life of existing patio furniture (for example, by applying a sealant to wood pieces to add UV protection against natural fade and aging).
  • Restyle your patio furniture with custom colors to match updated exterior decor.
  • Benefit the environment by contributing less to deforestation, climate change, and landfills.

Our Outdoor Furniture Refinishing Services

We restore all kinds of outdoor furniture, including:

  • Teak
  • Wicker
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Cast aluminum
  • Iron


Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing will also restore rusted patio furniture and repair outdoor furniture fabric that is damaged, or replace it with new custom upholstery.

For custom color finishes, request to have one of our decor and style experts visit your home to ensure the color you choose will look great in your space. Request an estimate to get started on your outdoor furniture refinishing project today!


New Door Finishing & Door Refinishing

One of the first things people will notice about your home is the front door: It says so much about you!

We can finish your new front door or refinish your existing wood doors with our endless selection of stain and paint colors.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has been refinishing doors since 1936. We are Fine Paints of Europe-certified and have a state-of-the-art spray booth facility, as well as an on-site dust and fume control system.

Our Door Refinishing Services

Our door refinishing services include:

  • Front entry door and jamb refinishing
  • Interior door and jamb refinishing
  • Millwork and new door finishing
  • Unlimited interior/exterior finish options
  • Ability to blend in with existing finishes
  • Hardware replacement or refurbishing
  • Custom paint color options
  • Lacquer finishes in custom colors
  • Outdoor durable polyester finishes
  • On-site door finish touch-up service
  • Damage repair and finish restoration

Our Process

Explain what you’d like your refinished door to look like to our in-house refinishing experts. After that, your job is done.

We’ll take the door down, secure the doorway, refinish the door, and return and reinstall it — giving your home that new look it deserves!

For custom stain and color finishes, request to have one of our decor and style experts visit your home to ensure the color you choose will harmonize and look great in your space. Request an estimate to get started on your door refinishing project today!



Custom Furniture Painting

Accentuate or restore your furniture’s beauty and style with our custom designer paint color collection and powder coat finishes.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has been providing superior custom furniture painting to the Pacific Northwest since 1937. We have a state-of-the-art spray booth facility and an on-site dust and fume control system, and are Fine Paints of Europe-certified.

Our Custom Furniture Painting & Powder Coat Finishing Services
A large variety of items can benefit from our services, including:

  • Patio chairs
  • Patio tables
  • Loungers
  • Metal shelves
  • Wicker chairs
  • Wicker tables
  • Wood furniture
  • Cabinets

Benefits of Spray Painting & Powder Coat Finishing Furniture

Spray painting and powder coat finishing furniture allows you to:

  • Revitalize old, worn furniture.
  • Save money on purchasing new furniture.
  • Restyle furniture to match updated home decor.
  • Match the colors of other furniture in your space easily.
  • Benefit the environment by contributing less to deforestation, climate change, and landfills.

Our Process

Schedule to have one of our in-house experts visit your home to assess your furniture and see if it is a good candidate for spray painting or powder coat finishing. We’ll review your color options with you, and can even work with you to custom-design the perfect color for your piece.

Request to have one of our decor and style experts visit your home to ensure the color you choose will look great in your space. Once our expert paint technicians are done with your project, we’ll deliver the furniture to your home for you to enjoy.


Get an estimate to get started on your custom furniture painting project today!

General FAQs
Is it worth re-upholstering?
We are commonly asked, “Is it worth it to reupholster or refinish when I could just go buy a whole new one?” and “Will you let us know if something isn’t worth reupholstering?”
If it was built more than 15 years ago, chances are the frame is made differently than today’s mass-produced furniture influenced by low-priced overseas manufacturing. If a frame is simply not worth restoring, we will advise against proceeding with the work.
Does the piece have a good solid frame structure? Is it an older piece? Was your piece custom made? Does it fit that special spot in your home just right? These are the questions to ask yourself when considering a custom restoration or upholstery project, versus throwing it in the landfill and starting over. The furniture we work on will be cherished for generations!

Do you have a warranty on the work you do?
Yes, our workmanship is fully guaranteed for two years. (Some restrictions apply, such as normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, customer-provided materials, etc. Please ask for details.)

Do you do pick-up and delivery?
Yes, we do! Leave the moving to the experts. Our cost for this service is $85 per trip within 10 miles of our showrooms, $125 per trip for 11-20 miles, and 20+ miles is $95 per man-hour (plus any ferry fees).

Additional charges may apply for difficult locations. You are welcome to transport, but we highly recommend letting our crew deliver your precious pieces directly from and to your home.

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Can I bring my own fabric?
Yes, however, a customer’s own material (COM) carries no warranty or guarantee. We recommend you first check with us to make sure that the fabric is appropriate for the piece of furniture (especially durability) and also that you purchase the correct amount of yardage. However, we do recommend that you get your material directly from QA so we can take full responsibility for your project and guarantee your full satisfaction.

Do you charge extra if we supply the fabric?
Unless you are a registered designer with Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, you will be charged a cutting fee of $15 per yard for COM.

Do you have eco-friendly foam options?
Yes, we offer latex foam, which is a great natural foam option and comes in three different densities.

I am sensitive to chemicals; do you have foam and fabric options for this?
Yes. We offer both latex foam and organic cotton as padding options, and have a great selection of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, etc.

What kind of window treatments do you offer?
We do all types of window coverings, but our specialties are draperies and Roman shades. We also offer full motorization options.

How do I get a price on draperies?
Just give us a call—we’ll have a few questions on the types and rough sizes of your windows and the styles of window coverings you are considering. We recommend our first meeting in our showroom because we have all of our resources and samples available. It is also a good time to take photos of your windows, as well as any rough measurements of the walls. This helps us better assist you with the project. Then we can arrange a meeting at your home to help fine-tune the project. Once the quote is reviewed and approved, we will send our installer to do a professional field measure, order materials and hardware, produce your lovely new draperies and set an appointment for install in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you do auto re-upholstery?
No, we specialize in furniture and marine upholstery.

Do you have in stock rolls of upholstery at your location?
We do have in-stock fabric, however—with so many choices available and constantly changing trends and designs—most fabrics we work with are custom-ordered and job specific.

Do you carry in-stock supplies for ‘do it yourself’ projects?
No, most of the materials we use require special tools and levels of expertise to install correctly. For DIY, support your local craft store!

How does vinyl wear compared to leather?
There are many types and qualities of leather and vinyl. It depends on the project and function, as well as the look and feel desired. For some applications, vinyl could actually be the better choice. With many of the improvements made to faux leather and vinyl over the recent years, it is becoming harder to tell them apart. Stop in one of our showrooms to look at all the options available. Let’s discuss your project and application—our staff will be happy to help.

Do you do slip covers? How does that price out?
We offer fitted or tailored slipcovers that really look like upholstery. In most cases the slipcovers have Velcro or zippers at the back corners for easy removal. The labor cost for custom slipcovers is the same as upholstery in most cases.

Can you custom build a sofa? What’s involved?
We build high-end, custom and one-of-a-kind furniture. We can work with your drawings or meet with your architect or contractor for built-ins. If you have seen a concept piece of furniture elsewhere that lacks that custom touch or size, just bring us the images as a starting point and we can take it from there—whether wood, fabric, leather, glass or stone.

What is the difference between high-resiliency foam and the foams used in my new ‘upscale furnishing store’ sofa?
Most manufacturers use conventional grade foam that doesn’t last very long. That’s why it may feel good during the test sit but in time no longer offers the same support. Foam is expensive so it is a natural place for factories to cut cost. Our high-resiliency foam comes in four different densities and lasts anywhere from 5-10 years depending on use. We also add a layer of Dacron poly to give a little softness and crown to the top.

I have a dresser that was damaged in my move—do you do insurance claims?
We do furniture repairs of all types, however, we do not do third party billing. You will need to settle with your insurance company then pay us directly to do the work. If your insurance company requires a full written estimate prior to approving the work, we will need to charge for our time to prepare the documents and answer any questions they have for us. The cost for this is $95 per hour ($250 minimum) and is prepaid.

Do you work with designers?
Yes, we work with many of the designers in the Seattle and Bellevue areas. Please call us for special pricing and incentives we offer to work with you or your client referrals.

Repair FAQs

Do you repair rips/cracks/tears in leather or vinyl?
Yes, we do offer furniture leather repair, over-coloring, and restoration services. These services are typically done in our facility.

Do you do leather repair on items such as belts, purses, or leather necklaces?
No, we only do leather repair on furniture. (We suggest contacting a shoe repair shop to assist with these smaller items.)

Do you over dye leather?
Yes, we do offer full service leather repair, over-coloring, and restoration.

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Do you dye fabric?
We do not offer fabric dyeing.

Are you able to re-use the existing upholstery fabric?
Yes, in most cases. During a frame repair, webbing or foam replacement, the material must be pulled back and reattached. If the leather or fabric is badly worn, thread bare or brittle, this may not be a good option.

Do you do caning work?
We are proud to offer all types of cane repair and replacement, including hand cane, press-in cane, rushing, and Danish cord.

Can you get my sofa upstairs by taking it apart?
Yes, but these projects can vary quite dramatically depending on how the frame is constructed, how much has to be disassembled prior to moving, and so on. We bill these projects on a time and materials rate of $95 per hour at minimum of four hours.

Do you offer cleaning services?
We offer furniture cleaning of all types at our facility. We are able to do a more thorough job this way with our industry-leading equipment. In many cases we clean the furniture more than once to achieve superior results, especially on high-end or delicate fabric and leather.

Do you offer fabric ‘scotch-guarding’ or an application for soil & stain resistance?
Yes, we offer Fabric Guard, which is a stain protector coating. This finish is sprayed on after your project is complete so it can be applied heavier on the wear areas, such as the arms and seating area. Fabric Guard does not add any additional lead-time. We can also order your fabric with a NanoTex coating, which is a dip process and will add 3 to 4 weeks to lead-time. Neither process will change the look, feel, or texture of your fabric.

Do you do zipper repair on pillows?
Yes, we do offer repairs to cushions and pillows: Our shop rate is $95 per hour and we have a $250 minimum service order.

My sofa has attached pillow backs that are coming apart, can that be sewn back on?
Yes, the outside back will need to be peeled up and the entire inside back (cushions attached) will need to be removed, then we can run the seems that are coming loose through our commercial sewing machine with a strong overlock stitch. In most cases the foam/filling will need to be replaced as well on the back cushions to help provide enough support to the cushion and not put so much stress on the seams.

Do you fix reclining sofas/chairs? Mine doesn’t operate correctly.
Yes, in most cases we can repair recliners. We will need to pick up the furniture to be evaluated in our shop, some cases this involves peeling back the bottom panels or side fabric to see what the cause of the problem is. We can adjust the mechanism, weld broken pieces, replace springs, or in some cases replace the mechanism completely if the parts are available. These types of repairs are billed at time and materials; the upholstery shop rate is $95 per hour. Once the problem is identified we will call you with a firm estimate. At that point you can proceed with the repair, or choose to stop the work and just pay for the time occurred thus far, which is usually 1 to 2 hours.

Process FAQS

Do you give free estimates?
We are pleased to provide you with free estimates.

How does it work to get a quote or estimate?
Just give us a call or stop in one of our showrooms with a photo of your piece(s). Our friendly staff will be there to help! From evaluating your project to helping you select an appropriate materials and finishes—leave it to the experts at Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing.

Do you do in-home visits?
Yes, however, it is helpful to narrow down the options prior to a home visit, so we do recommend a visit to our showroom first to discuss your projects and review the materials, finishes, fabrics, leathers, etc.

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Where is the work done?
Our production facility is located at 1414 South Director Street in South Seattle, where we have 33,000 square feet and a team of over 20 artisans with industry-leading equipment.

How long does the process take?
Our average time is 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish. However, many factors weigh into custom work. If you need it by a particular date please let us know and we will discuss the options.

Can you upholster my sofa at my home?
It is much more cost- and time-efficient to work at our production facility. However, in rare occasions where the furniture is built-in or cannot be removed for some reason, we do have the capability to set up on site.

If you don’t need to do a step that is on my quote will I get a credit back?
Communication during the project is very important to us. Our craftsman will evaluate your furniture at our production facility, and if you quote needs an adjustment you will hear from us. We draw on the experience of our production artisans to make sure your project is done as beautifully on the inside (frame and structure) as it will be on the outside, to last for generations to come.