Seattle’s Sofa Restoration Experts are Called on for Overhaul

Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery was contacted by a client in Seattle. The client needed the best Seattle sofa restoration available at his location. We scheduled the pickup of the piece at the client’s home after they selected upholstery fabrics for the in our showroom. Our professional upholsterer removed all the material from the sofa and did some work to improve the durability of the frame to maintain a sturdy and strong support for years to come. The upholsterer replaced the rather worn out seat springs in the sofa. He then replaced the foam cushioning, so he could apply the new fabric that the client selected.

After all of these intricate steps were completed by the upholsterer and the project was completed, it was apparent that the sofa looked brand new. We called the client to let him know that her sofa was completed and to schedule a time when we could bring the sofa back to her home. We arrived to drop off the finished item for the customer at her home and she was very impressed with the finished product. The customer said that the sofa looks even better than when he purchased it fifteen years ago. She said that Queen Anne Furniture and Upholstery done the best sofa restoration in Seattle. The client must have been impressed, because he showed us an antique chair that had belonged to his mother. He was happy to find a qualified and professional furniture repair service, because he was very skeptical of trusting another company with a prized heirloom of deep sentimental value. We were happy to take on the next project, and always find it satisfying to deliver great results for our customers.