Powder Coat Finishing

Outdoor Furniture Repair & Refinishing | Powder Coat Finishing Services

Restore your weathered outdoor furniture to new with the help of our powder coat finishing service.

Queen Anne Upholstery specializes in refinishing, reupholstering, and powder coat finishing for outdoor patio furniture. The elements of the weather can take a toll on outdoor patio furniture. If yours needs a makeover, Queen Anne Upholstery can refinish the wood patio furniture to make it look brand new again.

Refinishing Outdoor Patio Furniture

Queen Anne Upholstery has a process that we follow when we refinish outdoor patio furniture, which includes:

The first step in refinishing wood outdoor patio furniture is cleaning the wood thoroughly. Our technicians will evaluate and inspect the wood, then determine which type of cleaning will work best.
The cleaning will remove all stains, dirt, and mildew. If there is mold on the wood, then that area will be scrubbed with a brush to remove it.
Once the furniture is clean, it is set to dry.
Once the furniture is dry, then a light sanding will be done to the wood outdoor patio furniture. The light sanding will make the wood smooth again, and allow it to absorb the stain.
If the customer has chosen to have the patio furniture painted or stained, then that process will begin at this time.
After the stain has been applied, the sealant can go on. The sealant will have UV protection added, so then it will protect the wooden outdoor furniture in the future.
After the sealant and stain has dried, the wood outdoor furniture is ready to be used, and will last you for many years to come.
Powder Coat Finishing

Queen Anne Upholstery specializes in powder coat finishing for outdoor metal furniture. Old metal furniture can be restored with powder coat finishing. Here is our process:

The first step is to acid wash the metal outdoor furniture.
Once the metal outdoor furniture is acid washed, it needs to dry completely.
A coating is added inside the kiln. The coating paint is a powder that will be attracted to the metal.
The kiln will heat up to 800 degrees, so the powder will form a tight skin onto the metal furniture.
It will result in a nice, even finish. This will provide a chip-free, and rust-resistance to the metal furniture. The only way to remove the powder coat finish is with chemicals or sandblasting.
Queen Anne Upholstery has a wide variety of color choices for powder coat finishing. We have been providing this service for decades. Queen Anne Upholstery can reupholster your patio cushions to match the new color you have selected for your outdoor patio furniture. We have hundreds of fabrics, patterns, and selections to choose from. With our refinishing and powder coat finishing, your outdoor patio furniture will look brand new again. Our design specialists can assist you in matching your patio décor, so your cushions and colors will match perfectly.

Why Have Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Refinished or Powder Coat Finished?

Outdoor patio furniture is costly. If your outdoor patio furniture is in good shape, then we can make repairs, then refinish or powder coat finish the outdoor patio furniture for you. Our services will have your outdoor patio furniture looking new again, with added life. Having your outdoor patio furnished refinished, powder coat finished, or reupholstered is more affordable than purchasing cheaply-made outdoor patio furniture. You can have your outdoor patio furniture customized, so you have one-of-a-kind outdoor patio furniture. You will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends.

If you would like to have your outdoor patio furniture evaluated, then contact Queen Anne Upholstery today. We have been providing this service since 1936 and are the best in the industry. Our technicians are trained, qualified, and experienced, so you can expect high-quality refinishing, powder coat finishing, and reupholstering for your outdoor patio furniture. You won’t believe the end results once we are finished with your patio furniture. Contact Queen Anne Upholstery today!