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Many homeowners are taking advantage of having their outdated and unappealing furniture spray painted. Wood, plastic, metal and other furniture and items can safely be spray painted. There are many colors that can be selected, and you can drastically change the look of an item at an affordable price. Queen Anne Upholstery has been spray painting items for decades.

Queen Anne Upholstery Spray Painting Process:

If we are going to be spray painting a piece of wood furniture, then we will first remove any upholstery that is located on the furniture to protect the upholstery.
All hardware is removed from the furniture.
A light hand sanding is done on the wood furniture to remove any roughness, and provide a smooth surface for the paint to stick to.
Once all the sanding has been completed, the piece is cleaned to remove any sawdust. We don’t use any chemicals or water with the cleaning of the wood, because water and chemicals can damage the wood. If there are any lines or details in the wood, a vacuum is used to ensure that all sawdust is removed.
A primer may be applied. Some wood furniture may require several coats of primer before the actual spray painting is applied, so there can be a smooth surface for the spray paint. The primer will need to dry completely before the spray paint is applied.
Then the spray paint will be applied. The paint will be applied in a distance of at least ten inches to keep the paint from running and to provide a smooth appearance.
In some cases, a sealant is applied after the paint has dried. The sealant is recommended for coffee tables, desks, and tables.
Outdoor patio furniture is great pieces that can be spray painted. The same steps are applied, but the spray paint will be a rust-resistance paint that will keep the paint from chipping or rusting from the elements of the weather.

Queen Anne Upholstery specializes in spray painting furniture. We can repaint metal shelves, wicker furniture, wood furniture and shelves, and outdoor patio furniture. Spray painting furniture gives you many options in color choices, as we offer a wide variety of colors to select from.

Benefits of Spray Painting Furniture:

Breathes new life into old furniture
Saves money on purchasing new furniture
Change the color and décor easily
Match colors easily
Revitalize furniture
Queen Anne Upholstery is a family-owned and operated business that provides more than just upholstery work for our customers. Spray painting furniture is another one of our specialty services. Our technicians are experienced, trained, and qualified to provide outstanding results. We also have a design team that can assist you in choosing colors that will match your décor and style in your space. Queen Anne Upholstery has been in business since 1936. Our experience and dedication allows us to be the best in the industry. We supply upholstery, repairs, refinishing, and spray painting services for our clients. Some of the pieces that we spray paint include:

Patio chairs
Patio tables
Metal shelves
Wicker chairs
Wicker tables
Wood furniture
We provide a customer satisfaction for all spray painting that we provide. If you are not pleased with our work, then simply contact us, and we will make it right for you. We go that extra step for our customers. Our technicians, designers, and upholsters are the best in Seattle, Washington.

Turn your old furniture into new ‘reborn’ furniture with our spray painting services. We can come to your home and access your furniture to see if the pieces are good candidates for spray painting. Transform your patio by having your patio furniture spray painted. We can custom design a color that you want. You can have the only patio furniture that has a distinct one of a kind color with our custom spray paint.

Contact Queen Anne Upholstery today and we can go over our spray painting services with you. One of our team members will answer any questions or concerns you may have with the spray painting process. We look forward to providing you with an option that is affordable and provides life and beauty to your current furniture.