Custom Upholstery for Lake Forest Park Area Home and Office Furniture

Upholstery-Lake-Forest-Park-WAFor any home or office in the Lake Forest Park area, custom furniture upholstery adds uniqueness and design to furniture. Furniture upholstery adds more style to your furniture and also enhances the comfort of your furniture.

To make the furniture of your home and office stand out in the Lake Forest Park area, then go for custom furniture upholstery and you will get unique furniture upholstery that will not only make your furniture stand out.

In the Lake Forest Park, WA area, you can get great furniture upholstery from us at Queen Anne Upholstery. We have been offering furniture upholstery since 1936 and we are one of the best when it comes to furniture upholstery in the Lake Forest Park area.

Come to us in the Lake Forest Park area for furniture upholstery and you get:

  • Custom and unique furniture upholstery
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff for furniture upholstery
  • Top quality furniture upholstery

Custom-Made Slipcovers for Lake Forest Park Area Chairs, Couches, and Loveseats


Slipcovers-Lake-Forest-Park-WAChairs, couches and loveseats become old and wear out. A great way to help protect our seats, chairs and couches from wearing out is by the use of slipcovers. Slipcovers are an easy way that we can use to cover up our chairs, couches and loveseats.

Slipcovers ensure that your seat is protected and so, if you expect a lot of rough activity around your chairs and couches, then slipcovers will work great for you. You can get custom made slipcovers so as to ensure you get slipcovers that meet all your needs.

Come to us for slipcovers because in the Lake Forest Park area:

  • We offer you custom made slipcovers
  • We offer slipcovers to protect original fabrics
  • We offer quality slipcovers that can change the style of your furniture

Visit us today for slipcovers.

Why Should You Choose Furniture Reupholstery Services in the Lake Forest Park Area?


Furniture-Reupholstery-Lake-Forest-Park-WAFashion trends change and we end up needing new furniture to keep up. With furniture reupholstery, you do not need to get new furniture. Furniture reupholstery will help you keep up with emerging trends.

Furniture reupholstery gives your furniture a new and better appearance and this saves you the cost of getting new furniture. If you need furniture reupholstery in the Lake Forest Park area, simply come to Queen Anne Upholstery. We are among the best in furniture reupholstery.

Contact us for furniture reupholstery in Lake Forest Park and we will:

  • Provide quality material for all furniture reupholstery
  • Provide fast furniture upholstery to deliver quick results
  • Provide onsite furniture reupholstery
  • Provide affordable furniture reupholstery

In the Lake Forest Park area, come to us for furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery.