Custom Upholstery for Newcastle Area Home and Office Furniture

Upholstery-Newcastle-WAQueen Anne Upholstery has a long history of providing fine custom furniture upholstery and furniture reupholsetery for homes and offices in the Newcastle,WA area. We provide most of the best products and services when it comes to furniture upholstery.

Our company have provided customers fine quality furniture upholstery since 1936 and now we can provide our excellent work in the Newcastle area.

Our Newcastle area customers are more than satisfied with our furniture upholstery and furniture reupholsterywork. We understand our customers’ needs when it comes to furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery, which is the reason we are one of the most renowned upholstery businesses in the Newcastle area. Our services include:

  • Furniture reupholstery for antiques
  • Furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery for office furnishings
  • Furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery for home furnishings
  • Slipcovers design and creation

When it comes to furniture upholsteryin the Newcastle area, your satisfaction is our main concern.

Custom-Made Slipcovers for Newcastle Area Chairs, Couches, and Loveseats


Slipcovers-Newcastle-WAIn addition to furniture upholstery, our company creates custom slipcovers in a wide range of fabrics and designsfor ourNewcastle area customers.All our slipcovers, fabrics, and designs are available in the Newcastle area.

We design and make slipcovers for any type of furniture. Our experienced designer will help you decide on the right fabric and design for slipcovers to match your home decor.

Our tailor-made, custom slipcovers are made by one of the best teams of designers around. Our designers could help you choose slipcovers that would work well for your chairs, couches, and love seats. We are proud that:

  • Our slipcovers are affordable
  • Our slipcovers are durable
  • Our slipcovers are stylish

Why Should You Choose Furniture Reupholstery Services in the Newcastle Area


Furniture-Reuphostery-Newcastle-WAWhen it comes to furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery, we pride ourselves on having an edge over our competitors in:

  • People — Experienced in furniture reupholstery
  • Service — Skilled craftsmen
  • Selection —Designer fabric and leather resources
  • Budget — We understand value
  • Schedule — We yield to your schedule

The quality of our furniture reupholstery is top-notch. We have been masters of this craft for years. That’s whyNewcastle area customers prefer our furniture reupholstery services.

Queen Anne Upholstery is renowned for its excellence throughout the Newcastle area. We were named “One of Seattle’s Best” by Seattle Magazine for our excellence in furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery. We remain one of the best choices aroundwhen it comes to furniture upholstery and furniture reupholstery. For stylish slipcovers, trust us to provide what you’ve always wanted.