Vinyl, Fabric, & Leather Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair & Restoration – Vinyl, Fabric and Leather

Moving Damage Repair
Commercial Upholstery Repair
Residential Furniture Repair

Vinyl, fabric and leather upholstery can be damaged in a number of ways. Your furniture can become scratched or ripped while moving. Vinyl, fabric or leather furniture upholstery can suffer from pet damage. Pets can easily stain and puncture vinyl, fabric and leather upholstery. Queen Anne repairs all types of vinyl, fabric and leather furniture upholstery. We will restore your furniture upholstery to original condition, efficiently and cost effectively.


  • Repair vinyl, fabric and leather furniture
  • Residential and commercial repair service
  • Animal damage repair to remove bite and scratch marks
  • Moving damage repair
  • Leather refinishing
  • Vinyl furniture over-coloring
  • On-site service available

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