Queen Anne Through the Years – Ballard Refinishers and Furniture Spa

The history of our company has had many well-defining traits, and one of those is certainly quality. Since 1936 it has been our mission to provide the finest service in furniture restoration and wood refinishing that is possible. Our company has undergone a number of changes over the past eight decades in order to continually deliver on our commitment to fine craftsmanship, and it is our pleasure to be recognized again and again by the continued patronage of our highly discerning clientele.

Ballard Refinishers and Queen Anne Upholstery

Robert Emtage, the founder of the company as it exists today, purchased both Ballard Refinishers in Seattle and Queen Anne Upholstery in the mid-eighties. For a time, they operated side-by-side in providing quality furniture upholstery and wood refinishing services.

Logo for Seattle Ballard Refinishers bought by Queen Anne Upholstery

Finally, in 2012 the two companies merged to form the Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing that we have. With two residential showrooms and a commercial division, we’re proud to be able to supply our excellent services and dedication to quality to the greater Seattle and Bellevue area. Our commitment to versatile modern furniture solutions and antique furniture restoration is the reason that we took the merging of the original Ballard Refinishers in Seattle with Queen Anne Upholstery into consideration.

Furniture Spa and Expansion

In the same regard, the acquisition of Seattle’s Furniture Spa wasn’t a difficult decision. Our capabilities increased significantly when the production capacity and facilities of Furniture Spa were added to that of QA Group’s. The combination of these three formerly distinct businesses has allowed QA Group to emerge as a company that can tackle nearly any restoration or furniture repair work when it comes to existing pieces. When it comes to projects ranging from large scale commercial work to highly detail-oriented antique restoration, we’re confident in our skill, experience, facilities, and process.

Signage for Furniture Spa in Seattle, which was acquired by Queen Anne Upholstery

If you are searching for a company with a longstanding tradition of serving Seattle, Bellevue, and the surrounding area with careful and attentive service, look no further. Our values should be apparent in each undertaking we pursue on behalf of our clients.

We seek to provide longevity and reliability just as we have pursed these qualities in our own business practice. In doing so, we have created a company that can fully express its commitment to fine wood refinishing and quality upholstery through every stage of restoration and production. Please call Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing today, and we will be more than happy to discuss your next project and provide you with our best recommendations.

Looking for Ballard Refinishers?

If you are searching for Ballard Refinishers or Furniture Spa of Seattle, look no further! Queen Anne Upholstery merged with both of these companies and is able to provide all of their services and more.