Interior Decor Styles We Love: Baroque

Baroque refers to the interior design and architecture style popular in Europe during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Baroque style was an indicator of wealth and power. This is why it was so often found in gilded cathedrals, massive castles, theaters and estates. 

What Is Baroque Decor?

So, what does Baroque style look like? It includes elements such as intricately decorated interiors, bronze sculptures, gilded accents, detailed molding and paneling, and crystal chandeliers. Canopy bed frames, oversized mirrors and refined materials such as porcelain, lacquer and wood are all characteristics of Baroque interior decor.

Color-wise, we’re looking at lush greens, golds and wood accents. Alternately, if you’re leaning more toward the Rococo style that Baroque eventually evolved into, think pinks, creams and baby blues.

Furniture and wood often have carvings with ornamental details. For instance, you’ll find natural motifs like leaves, flowers, cherubs and animals in the molding of frames, mantles, staircases and dressers.

How to Incorporate Baroque Decor

You may be wondering how to incorporate this style into your home without looking like you’re throwing a Marie Antoinette-themed party. For example, focus on comfort and warmth, and avoid turning your home into something that looks like a stuffy museum. 

Think about symmetry and elegance. Add just a few ultra-ornate pieces, such as an oversized mirror with a gilded frame or a gorgeous chandelier. Keep everything else neutral or mix these in with eclectic styles. 

Clawfoot Tub

A deep clawfoot tub with ornate brass feet is a great way to explore the luxury of the Baroque period without sacrificing comfort. The clawfoot detail can also seamlessly combine with other interior styles, such as bohemian or minimalist.

Gilded Mirror

In another example: add an oversized mirror with a gilded frame to a bedroom or living room. It’ll not only incorporate some Baroque style into your home but will also make the room look bigger.

Archways and Ornate Sculptures

Likewise, this home also has a few elements of Baroque interior decor. Markedly, the rounded archway and ornate cherub sculpture coat rack bring the sophistication and elegance of Baroque to a contemporary dining area.

Crystal Chandeliers

Furthermore, the addition of a crystal chandelier in rooms like the library or an office space can smoothly bring Baroque interior decor into the modern world.

Ornate Molding and Frames

The addition of one great piece of vintage furniture can really up your game. For instance, look for couches or bed frames with ornate molding. Additionally, curved wood fixtures and lush upholstery can add a little Baroque decor to your space.

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