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Queen Anne Upholstery offers expert designers who are ready to personalize your furniture into a lovely piece you can be proud of. Our designers can assist in selecting finishes, color palettes, and custom upholstery. Our designers are experienced, qualified, and trained to take your vision, then craft that vision into a look that is uniquely yours.

Queen Anne Upholstery Design Services

Our team offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Finishes
  • Custom upholstery
  • Fabric Choices
  • Window treatments
  • Special orders

And much more…


The Queen Anne Upholstery designers also have experience in providing window treatment and drapery advice. Our design team will advise you on drapery styles, and what type of fabric will look best with your décor and furniture. Our designers do more than just provide advice on furniture designs.

Design Services Made Simple

When you embark on a project, you want a design team that you can trust and depend upon. Our design team will understand your vision, then act as your advocate to ensure that your vision will become a reality for you and your home. The design team at Queen Anne Upholstery has a strong passion for excellent results.

The design team at Queen Anne Upholstery will navigate you through the design process with custom upholstery, custom window treatments, fabrics and colors. We will work with you to create your personal style. When creative and technical solutions are provided for our customers, the customer will benefit from comfort and an attractive appearance.

It can be an overwhelming process when you are redoing a space. Our design team will assist you in selecting fabrics, colors, and finishes. It requires experience and expertise to do this, and our designers possess these qualities. We provide professional color consulting services for our customers. We can even work with your architect and designer. The designers pay attention to detail, and will accomplish results that the customer wants. The designers at Queen Anne Upholstery work closely with architects and clients. Functionality and comfort will be achieved for each and every client.

Queen Anne Upholstery is a family-owned and operated business and have been in business since 1936. We have a reputation of providing outstanding upholstery and refinishing services, along with window coverings, and custom furniture. We provide a design team that works exclusively with each customer. We offer a warranty and guarantee on all services provided.

If you are looking to have the best and professional services provided, then Queen Anne Upholstery is the only choice. We are the upholstery leaders in the industry. We have been dedicated to Seattle for over 75 years. This experience has led us to provide the best upholstery, refinishing, and custom furnishing available. We even offer designers that work side by side with contractors and architects, so we can successfully provide results for our customers.

Queen Anne Upholstery is ready to rejuvenate your space and furniture. Queen Anne Upholstery thrives on providing the best upholstery services available for Seattle. Contact us today for any upholstery, refinishing, window coverings, and custom furniture. If you would like assistance from our experienced and qualified designers, then simply ask. We look forward to transforming your space, and turning your vision into a reality.