The four elements of a perfect room

The four elements of a perfect room

The four elements of a perfect room

You’ve seen them in magazines, movies, and maybe even in real life: rooms that ring with perfection.

But what really makes a room perfect?

To help you with your own interior décor, here is what we consider the four elements of a perfect room.

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The items in your room should all have a purpose.

When selecting items, think about what value they will add to your room. Some items have no real functional value but add beauty. Every item has a reason for being in the room, and even for being situated as it is.

This can help you avoid thoughtlessly adding items to a room and creating clutter, the enemy of a well-planned space. Even a room full of the most beautiful items will fall short if too many of those items are present.

You may also want to take stock of your room, examine each item, and — even if you think it has a purpose — ask yourself if it is serving its purpose well. A coffee table may well have a function, but if it is too small for your family’s needs, then it isn’t serving its real purpose.


Impressive rooms are always decorated well and cohesively, meaning that the styles of the various elements — furniture, paint color, and so on — harmonize with one another. Ensuring that your room is not filled with random, purposeless items will make it easier to create this style harmony.

While this may sound simple, the challenge is to find a balance between style mayhem and style monotony.

On one side of the spectrum, people make decisions arbitrarily and end up with a space that is eclectic in the extreme; and on the other, people choose one common theme and exhaust it. Imagine a room where everything is the same color — a bit overwhelming.

Our tip: Start with a large statement piece (such as a sofa) and then find other décor elements that will complement it. Once you know what the large pieces will look like, choosing fabrics for drapes and throw pillows is easy.

Working with an interior decorator is also a great way to achieve style harmony without having to overthink every decision. You can be as involved as you want in the decorating process, but most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that the money you’re investing will produce good results.

All Queen Anne Upholstery projects come with a free consultation with our in-house interior decorator. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the furniture you’re having updated will look at home in your space. We can even order in special fabrics and custom-design paint colors to match your existing décor.


However stylish your room is, if it isn’t a space you actually want to spend time in, it’s missing the mark.

This is the problem many people run into: They create a space that looks amazing, but isn’t comfortable or livable. It belongs in a magazine — not in someone’s home.

Unsurprisingly, creating a comfortable space starts with making sure your furniture is comfortable. Whether you need to browse the new furniture in our showroom, have furniture custom-designed to your specific needs, or upgrade your existing furniture, we can help.

Our upholstery services include replacing the foam cushions in the seats, arms, and backs of chairs and sofas that have lost their comfort over the years. We can also create cushions and pillows to match your interior décor, which, along with throws and rugs, go a long way toward creating a comfortable environment.

Livability encompasses more than comfort, though.

Think about who will be using this room and how they’ll be using it. If you have animals or children, that may mean choosing fabrics that are kid- or pet-friendly.

You’ll also want to make sure the room is set up in a way that facilitates the activities that will take place there. If you find yourself constantly rearranging furniture from one day to the next, the room’s layout may need rethinking.


When a guest walks into your home, they should feel that it is your space. Accomplishing this may mean hanging up pictures of family and friends, or including souvenirs from past trips, but it should also mean choosing pieces that reflect your personal aesthetic.

For some, identifying and expressing their personal aesthetic comes easily. Others may know that they like something when they see it, but have a hard time describing their general taste in interior décor.

This is another time when working with our interior decorator may be worthwhile.

The best designers combine excellent design skills with excellent listening skills. They ask right questions, listen to what our clients have to say. The result is an intentionally designed space that reflects the client’s needs and personality.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing’s mission is to create curated, classic, and comfortable spaces that our clients will love. To get started on your custom interior project, request an estimate.

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