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four elements of a perfect room

The four elements of a perfect room You’ve seen them in magazines, movies, and maybe even in real life: rooms that ring with perfection. But what really makes a room perfect? To help you with your own interior décor, here is what we consider the four elements of a perfect room. [Related: 33 Best Interior Design Magazines] PURPOSE The items in your room should all have a purpose. When selecting items, think about what value they will add to your room. Some items have no real functional value but add beauty. Every item has a reason for being in the room, and even for being situated as it is. This can help you avoid thoughtlessly adding items to a room and creating clutter, the enemy of a well-planned space. Even a room full of the most beautiful items will fall short if too many of those items are present. You may…

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How to care for velvet furniture

How to care for velvet furniture Velvet furniture has long been used as an elegant accent to enhance any room. What is velvet. Whether you’re lucky enough to already have gotten your hands on some, or you’re looking to add it to your space, you’re going to need to know how to care for velvet furniture.  IS IT VELVET? Is your furniture velvet or suede?  The two materials are commonly mistaken for each other, so it’s important to know which you have. You should make sure before attempting any sort of cleaning as suede requires much different care. TYPES OF VELVET There are four types of velvet: THRIFTED VELVET You’ve likely noticed the resurgence of velvet furniture in recent styling trends, both new and not-so-new. From midcentury modern to bohemian interiors, you’re sure to find a plush velvet piece that fits your style.   If you’re in the mood to do…

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commercial re-upholstery

Re-upholstery will revive existing furniture in any commercial environment. Benefits of re-upholstery Re-upholstery refreshes and extends the life of furniture that is often utilized in various commercial establishments. From offices to restaurants, these pieces of furniture complete the overall aesthetics and functionalities of the commercial places. What is Reupholstering? This process includes replacing all soft coverings of the furniture, particularly fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. Our re-upholstery process includes the following: When is it a time to contact upholsterer? If the furniture looks outdated it probably feels uncomfortable. The seats must be comfortable, durable, easy to clean, as well as customized to fit the vibe of your establishment. Healthcare practitioners can certainly benefit from these services to give their waiting rooms a much needed facelift. Educational institutions will need proper furniture for their students to sit on. The interior design community is encouraged to seek our help with any pieces requiring attention.…

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Interior décor styles we love: Baroque

Baroque refers to the interior design and architecture style popular in Europe during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Baroque style was an indicator of wealth and power. This is why it was so often found in gilded cathedrals, massive castles, theaters and estates.  [Related: Interior Design Style – Rococo] WHAT IS BAROQUE DECOR? So, what does Baroque style look like? It includes elements such as intricately decorated interiors, bronze sculptures, gilded accents, detailed molding and paneling, and crystal chandeliers. Canopy bed frames, oversized mirrors and refined materials such as porcelain, lacquer and wood are all characteristics of Baroque interior décor. Color-wise, we’re looking at lush greens, golds and wood accents. Alternately, if you’re leaning more toward the Rococo style that Baroque eventually evolved into, think pinks, creams and baby blues. Furniture and wood often have carvings with ornamental details. For instance, you’ll find natural motifs like leaves, flowers, cherubs…

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